Benefits Of Wearing Pearl (Moti)

According to vedic astrology, Pearl Stone(Moti) signifies the moon. The moon is the symbol of calmness and is very helpful in reducing stress. People with anger management issues are advised to wear it. It provides stability and mental peace.

It is also advised not to wear it with diamonds, blue sapphires, or emeralds. Though these are not very strict rules and if you are wearing a pearl with any of these gems, then must take astrological advice. It is particularly beneficial for Sagittarius, Pisces, and Leo. It is the birthstone of Cancer.

Benefits or Effects

1. Medical Benefit

Moti stones are used to cure any disease related to fluids, such as high blood pressure and bladder issues. It increases sexual energy, strengthens and cures fertility issues, and treats birth process-related issues.

2. Spirituality and Wisdom

Purity, spirituality, charity, trust, and wisdom are all qualities that represent it. It provides a clear path for the person who wants to move forward on the path of spirituality.

3. Improve self-confidence

Pearl works to calm us, as a result of which we feel a clear increase in our self-confidence.

4. Protects from the Evil Eye

It helps reduce the ill effects of the moon in a person’s horoscope. In addition, it shields the wearer from any evil eye.

5. Enhances the beauty

Along with all these benefits, it adds beauty to the wearer. It is such a beautiful gem that attention automatically goes toward the wearer.

How to wear?

Weight: 7-8 Ratti (consult an astrologer).
Color: usually white
Metal (in silver)
Finger: right-hand little finger
Day & Time: Monday sunrise
Chanting Mantra: Om Chandraye Namah (108 times)



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