How To Buy Cats Eye Stone

Cats’ Eye Stone is mainly found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, China, and Zimbabwe. Some other notable producers are Pakistan, Russia, Madagascar, and the United States. The majority of cat’s eye stone comes from alluvial deposits in sands and gravels near the sea, with some found in metamorphic marble deposits.

Physical properties/chemical composition

The chemical composition of a cat’s eye stone is beryllium aluminum oxide (BeAI2O4), and its hardness is 8.5 according to the Mohs scale. The specific gravity (S.G.) ranges between 3.71 and 3.75, and the refractive index (R.I.) lies between 1.746 and 1.755.

Synthetic, Duplicates, and Copy

Synthetic cat’s eye, quartz, apatite, sillimanite, glass, etc.

Buying Guide-How to value

Chatoyancy Effect
The classification of cats’ eye stones is on the basis of Chatoyancy or the Cat’ Eye effect. It is an optical occurrence in which gemstones show the ability to reflect a sharp line of light. When we rotate a cat’s eye stone and pass light through it, the image of opening and closing an eye is created.

These are cut in a way to highlight or bring out the maximum effect of chatoyancy. One must place needles at a sharp 90-degree angle while cutting. To shape this gem, a very skilled cutter is required. To achieve maximum chatoyancy, it is cut into an oval or round shape.

Cat’s Eye Gemstone has a milky appearance, while transparent ones don’t exist. When it is put in a dark place, it shines like the eyes of a cat. Due to this, it gets its name. If we rub this with a cloth, its brilliance increases.

Carat Weight
It is very popular. It is an extremely valuable Rashi Ratna. Its price ranges from Rs. 800 per carat to Rs. 22,000 per carat. Large gems are very rare and very precious. The price of the Deep Black gem may differ from this.



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