Identification Of Diamond

The Diamond stone, or Heera, is associated with Venus planet. Natural diamond is the purest form of carbon and the most beautiful and highly precious gemstone. It is the hardest material known until now. Apart from being used in jewelry, due to its hardness, it is also used in many other places. Nowadays, it is also made synthetically in labs. Here are some ways to identify that its genuine and fake

Identification Test For Diamond

1. Fog Test

Take the stone, ring, or pendant you want to test and exhale some fog on it. Wait for a few seconds; if the mist fades away immediately, congrats, your diamond stone is natural. If not, it takes some time to disappear. It’s a fake one. It happens because they conduct heat (heat of breathing in this case) and instantly disperse the moisture or fog.

2. Heating Test

Precaution: Follow proper safety measures while performing this test.
Take a glass or bowl of cold water. Now take a lighter and heat the Diamond with its help for roughly 40-50 seconds. Immediately, put the stone in the cold water. If a diamond stone gets broken or distorted in some way, it’s a fake stone.

Natural stones will remain unaffected by the situation because diamonds are one of the hardest substances in the world and will remain uninfluenced by such tests.

3. Read Through Test

This test is used to examine the refractive properties of diamonds. Take a newspaper or a book and place it flat on a surface. While performing the test, ensure that there is adequate lighting and that no shadow is cast on a diamond or newspaper. Now try to read a newspaper through it. If you can read it, even if it’s a little blurry, it’s a fake.
It happens because a natural diamond stone refracts the light in all directions (because of its cuts and facets), due to which we’ll not be able to read the text.

4. Ask the Expert

Take your stone to an expert gemologist or a jeweler. They’ll provide you with all the necessary parameters (like refraction, cuts, facets, light intensity, and imperfections) required for Diamond verification using various instruments like a microscope and jeweler’s loupe. Always ask for the certification while buying or testing.



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