What is Diamond- Heera Stone

Synthetic, Duplicates, Copy

Synthetic moissanite, zircon, strontium titanate, YAG, GGG, synthetic rutile, natural or synthetic sapphire, doublets, etc.

Physical properties/chemical composition

The chemical composition of a diamond is carbon (c). Its hardness is 10 on the Mohs scale, which means it is the hardest material on Earth. The specific gravity (S.G.) is 3.515 and the refractive index (R.I.) is 2.417.

Origin place or source country

Russia and Botswana (Africa) produce the majority of diamonds. The Jwaneng Mine in Kgalagadi, Botswana, is the world’s richest mine, producing diamonds of the highest quality. The government of Botswana owns it.
Australia, Brazil, China, and Canada are some of the other countries that produce commercial-quality diamonds.

The United States of America has more than 40% of the global consumer base in the diamond market. However, it does not have any major commercial mines, except for a few. In India, these are primarily found in Madhya Pradesh (about 90%), Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Chattisgarh.



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