s Does Gemstone Really Work or Not?

Does Gemstone Really Work?

Does Gemstone Really Work?

Are you also going through hard times in your life? Are you going to buy gemstones and wonder if they really work or not? Well, you have come to the right place. We will answer some of your questions, such as;

  • Does gemstone really work scientifically?
  • What are the effects of gemstones on the human body?
  • Benefits of stones and crystals

Astrology dates back to the 3rd century BC and people have been using it for ages and for the same reason that we use it today. The use of metals and gemstones was part of their daily life. The reason for their use varies from religious use to ornaments. People have been using them for centuries, not just in Indian culture but also in Romanian, Chinese, Egyptian, and Greek cultures.

Not just this; even today, there is a different and special method followed in Egypt for mining these gems. because they believe it has come from heaven and has divine energy.

Does Gemstone Really Work Scientifically ?

A Gemstone is a storehouse of heavenly energy. And gems are made up of 9 ingredients, and these gems are correlated to the 9 ingredients of which our body is made up. Wearing these gems affects one’s mental health and dhatus.

According to the experts in this field, these gems have certain healing properties. From calming someone’s mind to helping them fight depression, because these crystals are a storehouse of energy, they do allow it to flow through your body and heal it.

Have you ever wondered why your body feels a sense of calmness when you are around the sun, ocean, and moon? Since all gemstones are naturally derived, they have the energy of the sun and moon, and it helps us improve our energy state. The same applies to color.

Effects of gemstones on the human body

According to Puranas, seven rays of light emerge from the body of Lord Jagdiswara, who is known as the creator of the universe. Through these lights, seven planets get energy, and from them, these gems get energy. If they are in contact with humans or their bodies, this energy is transferred to their bodies as well. Gems are used to recompose the energy lost due to some other planet. Modern science does believe in the effect of colour on the human mind and body.

All of these specific gemstone rays and energy are beneficial to the body parts. They give off radiation and pleasant energy that helps to relax your mind and soul. Our Puranas also tell us about the usefulness and use of these gems. Karma purana narrates the story of how these 9 gems were made. However, Garun Purana tells us a different story about the origin of gemstones from the karma purana.

Does Gemstone Really Work for Everyone?

  • Yes, they do, but you need to wear the right one. The wrong one can have the opposite effect on you.
  • To see the effect of a gemstone on the human body, you must have faith in yourself and in the gemstone.
  • It does not end the problem itself, but it will give you energy and peace of mind, which will help you solve those problems.

Benefits of stones and crystals

You can’t get the most out of a gemstone unless you actively engage with its energy. They are unable to bring you luck, love, or money. They can, however, magnify your vibrations and activate your own “program” to help you see new possibilities. These gems have an incredible capacity to connect you with what is you but you don’t realise it.

It solves your problem ;

A gemstone does not directly solve your problem; instead, it directs you to the source of the problem with its energy, allowing you to get yourself out of a bad situation. You activate the power of your inner self within you.

Healing Effect ;

A few gemstones, like aquamarine, bloodstone, and garnet, are said to have healing properties within themselves. This way, they create positive energy within you and make you stronger from the inside.

Soothing effect ;

Many astrologers believe that wearing a gemstone on the right finger can emit calming energy. You will feel a sense of serenity and relaxation. Wearing hematite, sandalwood stone, pearls, and other similar stones might help you overcome anxiety and restlessness.


There are varieties of gemstones available, but they are worn by their properties and not by their colors. You need not read about the qualities of each gemstone. You must learn to tune in to and feel your energy, body, and intuition. It’s the best way to enjoy different gemstones.

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