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Difference between real and fake emeralds

Table Of Contents1 Difference between real and fake emeralds1.1 Natural Emerald :1.2 Synthetic Emerald:1.3 Imitation Emerald:2 Real Emerald vs. Fake Emerald; 3 To confirm the Difference Between Real And Fake Emeralds, Try to examine the: Difference between real and fake emeralds South America and Columbia are the largest exporters of emeralds worldwide. Our neighboring countries, such […]

How To Wear Gemstones Correctly

Table Of Contents1 How To Wear Gemstones Correctly :1.1 Choose Right Gemstone 1.2 Right Gemstone Weight:1.3 Right Metal For Gemstones1.4 select a Natural Non Treated Gemstone1.5 Different Gemstones And Their Impact On Humans;1.5.1 Ruby :1.5.2 Yellow sapphire:1.5.3 Hessonite;1.5.4 Red coral:1.5.5 Emerald:1.5.6 Pearl:1.5.7 Blue sapphire:1.6 When To Wear Gemstones to get the most out of it? How To […]

Gemstones Shop In Saharanpur | Rashi Ratan Shop In Saharanpur

A Gemstones Shop In Saharanpur Wearing Gemstones has the power to transform your life. Gemstones are among the most stunning objects on earth. But it’s not only about their attractiveness. They contain magnificent cosmic forces. They contain divine cosmic energy in them. Also, they contain magnificent cosmic forces that flow through the body of the […]

How To Know Gemstone Is Working?

Table Of Contents1 How To Know Gemstone Is Working?1.1 In Simple Terms:1.2 If You Don’t Have Any Problems In Your Life.?1.3 By Observing Your Daily Lifestyle?2 How Gemstone Works On Human Body?’3 Precautions After Wearing Gemstone 4 Should We Wear Gemstone? How To Know Gemstone Is Working? Jyotisha Gemstone can influence our karma in many ways. […]

Does Gemstone Really Work?

Are you also going through the hard times of your life? Are you going to Buy Gemstones and think that – Does Gemstone Really Work or not? Well, you are at the right place we will answer some of your questions such as ; Does Gemstone Really Work Scientifically? Effect Of Gemstone On Human Body? Is Wearing […]


Neelam stone is additionally called blue sapphire stone. This stone is incredibly well ordered to lord Shani and helps in self-awareness. This stone results very nicely within the ride in people’s life. Blue sapphire is the powerful acting gemstone of other astrological gemstones. Blue sapphire stone will be detected directly. However blue sapphire stone circle […]


Rubies are corundum, a rock-forming mineral and crystalline form of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) with two aluminum atoms and three oxygen atoms in a densely packed hexagonal structure. Titanium, iron, chromium, and/or vanadium are commonly found in corundum. Table Of Contents1 Ruby Stone Benefits1.1 1# Boosting confidence 1.2 2# You are surrounded by affection1.3 3# Increased motivation […]


Yellow Sapphire, commonly known as Pukhraj Ratna, is one of the luckiest Navratnas. It’s a gemstone for people born in September, and it’s a bright yellow color that Jupiter rules. Pukhraj has a very important place in Hindu Vedic astrology because of its special properties and powerful ability to heal powers. It is one of […]

Buy Blue Sapphire Stone | Neelam Stone | Astrological Gemstone | Ring

Blue Sapphire When there is the talk about the precious gemstones, the name of Blue Sapphire Stone is in the top list as and if you want to know about the Neelam Stone so you are at the right place. Here we provide you with the information about it. Sapphire is a highly precious, blue coloured gemstone […]