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How To Know If Gemstone Is Working?

How To Know If Gemstone Is Working?

The jyotisha Gemstones can influence our karma in many ways. You’ll be able to progress through and neutralise old karma at a far faster rate with the correct gemstones . It is said to be a booster of the energy of the planet’s present in your kundli.

If someone has an auspicious planet in their natal chart, that is a good place to start a healthy one. Then your karma is favourable to you for that planet. If you add a gemstone to that planet, then it will boost your good traits and take you toward an even more healthy and successful life. Also, start wearing rashi ratna for the planet which is weak in your natal chart.

There is no shortcut to tell you How To Know If Gemstone Is Working? but when a gemstone affects the human body, you can feel it in this way.

  • You will notice an increase in your concentration power and you can connect with your consciousness.
  • You will generate positive energy, which heals you from the inside.
  • You will make new plans for your future.
  • You will no longer be filled with negative energy.
  • If a constant obstruction in your life has been reduced after wearing this
  • If you are able to take some time and make your decision and are able to implement it,
  • You see your surroundings as being calmer and more relaxed.

Should we wear gemstone?

To get an answer to the question of should we wear gemstones ?, observe your daily lifestyle and ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are you going to enjoy your food no matter where it comes from, at restraint or at home?
  • Are you enjoying your friend’s company when you are going out?
  • Are you living a real-life moment?
  • Are you mentally present at the place where you are mentally present?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, then you need a gemstone in your life. Even though you have money, a home, and all the other things that are required to live a happy life, But you are missing one important ingredient that is ‘peace’, and that is peace of your mind. Here comes the magic of gemstones.

Does Gemstones Bring Luck?

Gemstones derive their energy from 9 planets, as per Karma Purana, and when people’s bodies come into contact with them, they emit rays of positive energy, which not only affect the person who is wearing it, but also their surroundings.

The gemstone has the ability to balance the 9 planets’ effects on our bodies and surroundings. Our Puranas and even ancient Greek and Roman culture tell us the use and influence of these gemstones. In Egypt, people considered them to be a source of divine energy. These gemstones give the energy of those planets to our body in the form of rays and vibration.

There are six pathways to get rid of negative energy as per our shastras: mantra, tantra, yantra, aushadha, yagna, and Ratna. Here, ratna means gemstone. We all do many of these things to bring prosperity into our lives and around us. Anyone can wear these, but precautions must be taken in order to reap the benefits of these rashi ratna stones.

It doesn’t end your problem directly, but it shows you the path to end it. It has the power to control your subconscious mind. In this way, it helps you to make the right decision at the right time, thus helping you to lead your life in a peaceful and prosperous way.

Precautions After Wearing Gemstone

  1. Some gemstones are worn in combination and some are strictly prohibited from being worn in combination with some other gemstones, such as garnet stone and cat’s eye. Ruby should not be worn with emerald. So be careful to wear this.
  2. The dust should not cover your gemstone. So keep cleaning them thoroughly from time to time.
  3. If you wish, you can avoid wearing gemstones when you eat non-vegetarian food, but it’s not necessary. Don’t get yourself trapped in a myth that its purity and power will be lost if you wear them while eating non–veg.
  4. If you think your gemstone is not working, then you can recharge it. For this, soak it in water for 45 minutes and keep it in sunlight till moonlight in the evening.

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