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How To Wear Gemstones Correctly?

Is gemstone therapy effective? No, not for 90% of the population—why? because very few people know how to wear gemstones correctly. A large number of astrologers are available offline as well as online for such consultations. But very few astrologers who are experts in this field know this correctly.

If you wish to wear a gem for some reason and want to take advantage of its benefits, you must choose the right gemstone for you, the right weight, and the right metal for the gemstone. It should be a natural, untreated gemstone, and the most important thing is to know when to wear gemstones so that they can work efficiently.

Some people wear these gemstoness as jewelry, but it is not as easy as you might think. So in this blog, you will learn how to wear gemstones correctly, as per the expert astrologer, or shastra.

1. Select the Right Gemstone

Determine the nature of your problem and write it down on a piece of paper. You know the house to which your problem is related. For example, home health-related problems are 5, 11, 9, and 1.
Make sure that stone is prescribed for you after seeing the condition of your planet. Otherwise, you could get an adverse result.

2. Verify Authenticity

Always ask for the certificate of authenticity of your stone, and make sure with the certificate that you purchased a natural, non-treated gemstone that is flawless. It should not have any cracks or cuts on it. It would be better to purchase a gem from a certified person (a gemologist).
Your card, which is given by the company as a certificate, should have unique identification digits, and you should verify it.

3. Wear the proper weight of stone.

First, know that no single shastra or purana mentions the right weight for a gemstone to be considered. They only mention their origin and power.

But one should wear one carat for every 12 kilogrammes of body weight. So if someone is weighing 48 kg, they should wear a 4-carat ratna. This is a general calculation of weight. Keep in mind that if you think you should wear extra weight to get a good amount of benefit, this is a myth.

4. Selecting the Best Metal for Gemstones

If you fit a gemstone into the correct metal, it is going to enhance its quality. and allows for the proper transfer of energy within the wearer’s body and surroundings.

If you are confused about wearing gold, whether white, rose, or yellow, let us tell you that it makes no difference at all. However, you should keep in mind that you should wear only gold of at least 18 karat purity or more.

And when it comes to platinum, we will not recommend it, since when our shastras and puranas were written, there was no mention of platinum, so don’t wear it. Follow these recommendations for the right choice of metal.

  • Ruby should be worn with gold.
  • Pearl should be worn with silver.
  • Emeralds should be worn with gold.
  • A diamond should be worn with gold.
  • Red coral should be worn with gold.
  • Yellow sapphire should be worn with gold.
  • Blue sapphire should be worn with silver.
  • Hessonite should be worn with gold or silver.
  • Cat’s-eye should be worn with gold or silver.

Gemstones should touch your skin and It should be comfortable for you to wear.


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