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How To Wear Gemstones Correctly

How To Wear Gemstones Correctly :

Do Gemstones work – No they don’t for 90% of people – Why? Very few people know How To Wear Gemstones Correctly, a large number of astrologers are available in offline stores as well as for such consultations. But very few astrologers who are experts in this field know this Correctly.

If you wish to wear a gemstone for some reason, you should Choose Right Gemstone For You, Right Gemstone Weight, and the Right Metal For Gemstone. It should be a Natural Non Treated Gemstone and the most important thing is that after doing all these things, please make sure, When To Wear Gemstones so that they can work efficiently

So in this blog, we will tell you How To Wear Gemstones Correctly, as per the expert astrologer, or shastras.

Choose Right Gemstone 

Some people wear gemstones as a piece of jewelry, but it is not as easy as you might think. You have to Choose Right Gemstone for different people and with their varying differences. However, for a normal person, it is a bit difficult to Choose Right Gemstone since they have very little or no knowledge about the gemstone. So here we will guide you.

Step 1: Make sure it is prescribed for you after seeing the condition of your planet. Otherwise, which planet is weak for you? You could get an adverse result.

Step 2: Determine the nature of your problem and write it down on a piece of paper. know the house to which your problem is related. For example, house health-related problems are 5, 11, 9, and 1.

 Step 3: Your horoscope should be analyzed by an expert astrologer before prescribing you a gemstone. And step 2 should be kept in mind.

Step 4: is to select the gemstone. We will give you some tips that you should keep in mind.

  • Check the authenticity of the gemstone. Make sure you purchase a Natural Non Treated Gemstone that is flawless. It should not have any cracks or cuts on it. Always ask for the certificate of authenticity of your gemstone.
  • Make sure you purchase a Lab Certified Gemstone or from a certified person(Gemologist). 
  • On your card, which is given by your company as a certificate, you should have unique identification digits written on it so that you can verify it if you need.
  • Make sure you get the Right Gemstone Weight.

Right Gemstone Weight:

  • No single shastra or Purana mentions the Right Gemstone Weight to be considered; they only mention their origin and power.
  • One should wear one carat for every 12 kilograms of body weight, so if someone is 48 kg, they should wear a 4-carat gemstone.
  • Non-Treated Gemstone. You should Choose Right Gemstone that makes contact with your skin. It should be comfortable for you to wear. The power of a gemstone depends upon its quality, balance, shade, and transparency. And when it comes to the right size, you can contact us for consultation and guidelines.
  • Keep in mind that if you think you should wear extra weight to get a good amount of benefit, this is a myth. However, when selecting the Right Gemstone Weight, you should also consider other factors, such as the gemstone’s quality, which is Natural. 

Right Metal For Gemstones

If you fit your gemstone into the correct metal, it is going to enhance its quality. And allows for the proper transfer of energy in the wearer’s body and surroundings

If you are confused about gold, whether to wear it in white, rose, or yellow gold, let us tell you, it makes no difference at all. However, you should keep in mind that you wear only pure gold or gold of at least 14k purity or more than that. You should consider 18k gold, or a higher carat because you are going to wear it on a daily basis.

And when it comes to platinum, we will not recommend it, since when our shastras and Puranas were written there was no mention of platinum, so don’t wear it.

Follow these recommendations for the right choice of metal.

  • Ruby should be worn with gold.
  • Pearl should be worn with silver.
  • Emerald should be worn with gold.
  • A Diamond should be worn with gold.
  • Red Coral should be worn with gold.
  • Yellow Sapphire should be worn with gold.
  • Blue Sapphire should be worn with silver.
  • Hessonite should be worn with gold or silver.
  • Cat’s Eye should be worn with gold or silver.

select a Natural Non Treated Gemstone

To understand the power and significance of Natural Non Treated Gemstones, you must first understand their significance and history, which are as follows:

Natural Non Treated Gemstones can make significant changes to your fortune and bring good luck to you. For over a century, gemstones have been prized possessions, as per the Karma Purana. These gemstones also have immense significance in ancient Greek, ancient Egypt, and Roman culture.

These are used for several purposes, ranging from ornaments to healing purposes.

These gemstones, according to our Vedas, contain natural vibration and healing energy that change the wearer and his or her surroundings. If your planet is displaced, then if you Choose Right Gemstone and the Right Metal For Gemstone, and you know How to wear Gemstones Correctly, they can place your planet in the right place and end the problem caused by its displacement.

The benefit of a Natural Non Treated Gemstone is that it can change your life in the fields of health, income, education, family, success, and many others. Provided you know When To Wear Gemstones and how to choose a gemstone, and what should be the right gemstone weight.

Different Gemstones And Their Impact On Humans;

Ruby :

 It is available in lots of colours. From pink to deep red. Blood red coloured ruby is considered to be the purest and of very high quality. It is mostly imported from Myanmar. It is a representative of our son and emits cosmic rays to make significant changes in your life.

If your sun is perfectly placed, you will notice a sudden surge in social status, confidence, and the end of your financial problems. They are also used to bring professional success. It can improve your eyesight, give you a healthy heart, and better blood circulation. It has a significant impact on improving the paternal relationship.

Yellow sapphire:

 It is significant for improved health and better success. It enhances the positive energy of your Jupiter planet. It can gain you a fortune and give you financial success. It is used to bring marital stability.


is the colour of honey. It will help you overcome the bad impact of Rahu. It has the ability to shower wealth and success on you. If you are going through anxiety, depression, and stress, this could be perfect for you. If you are dealing with indigestion and asthma,

Red coral:

 As per its colour, it is associated with the planet Mars. If you are a student looking for better grades and better concentration abilities, this one is right for you. If you are stuck with the problems of real estate, mining, and other issues such as interior design, this one is for you. If you are suffering from an immunity issue, go for this.


 It is associated with the planet Mercury and represents intelligence. As a result, if you’re looking for a gemstone to improve your reasoning skills, communication skills, and speaking ability, this is the one to get.


 As per our Vedic text, it is the queen of all the gemstones. It is a representation of the moon. It has cooling and healing abilities. If you think you are short-tampered And if you need more calm in your life, go for this. It also has the ability to improve maternal relationships. It can control your anger and emotions.

Blue sapphire:

 Blue sapphire is best for awakening your spiritual ability. It can place your Saturn in the right place. It can bring you immense popularity, so if you are interested in politics or showbiz, you should wear this. It is also beneficial for joint pain and arthritis.

When To Wear Gemstones to get the most out of it?

  • Yellow Sapphire – Thursday on the Shukla paksha is the right time to wear it.
  • Ruby-best day to wear a Ruby is considered a Sunday and should be worn on the finger of the right hand.
  • Pearl-It should be worn on the smallest finger on your right hand and should be worn on Monday in the hora of the moon.
  • Emerald is the small finger of the right hand and should be worn on Wednesday in the Hora of Mercury.
  • The yellow sapphire should be worn on the index finger of the right hand, and the correct muhrat is to wear it on Thursday in the Hora of Guru.
  • The blue sapphire should be worn on the right hand’s middle finger, and the correct time to wear it is Saturday in the Hora of Saturn.
  • Hessonite should be worn on the middle finger of your right hand and should be worn in the hora of Saturn on Saturday. Your Rahu should be in the Lagna chart.
  • Cat’s eye: the middle finger of the right hand, should be worn on Tuesday in the hora of Ketu. Make sure your Ketu is in a favorable house for your Lagna chart.
  • Make sure you get a details analysis of When To Wear Gemstones from your expert astrologer. If you wish to know these things, you can contact our Astrologer. We will give you a detailed analysis of Choose Right Gemstone and When To Wear Gemstones for its benefit.

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