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Hello, In this blog we are going to read about yellow sapphire stone and some Yellow Sapphire Stone Identification tricks in an easy way so without wasting time lets start the topic;

Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow Sapphire Stone is a precious Gemstone. Vedic astrology represents the home of Jupiter’s planet. Jupiter or Brihaspati planet is the biggest planet in the solar system.

In Hindu astrology, Brihaspati is responsible for wisdom, wealth, and knowledge, If the Guru Graha is seated in a malefic position it gives negative results. At the same time if seated in an auspicious home it will bless the bad with positive results.

Yellow Sapphire Stone is called Pukhraj Stone, Pukhraj Ratna in Hindi. Pukhraj gemstone helps to reduce the bad effects of Brihaspati Graha. But, it is not necessary that it is recommended for only those who have Jupiter in a malefic home. Sometimes it is also recommended to people to increase the good effects.

yellow sapphire
yellow sapphire

Yellow Sapphire Stone Identification

Yellow Sapphire, also known as Pukhraj in Vedic astrology. It is related to the planet Jupiter and is worn for attracting abundance, wisdom, communication, and expression. It leads a person towards bliss and fulfillment through the use of advanced knowledge. An original yellow Sapphire gemstone is clear and sharp. It is a dark yellow like the colour of a mustard tree flower.

For Yellow Sapphire Stone Identification following tests can be done by anyone:

1. Touch Test


This gemstone is naturally cool. So place the stone on your skin, if it gives a cooler feeling then it is original and if it gives an opposite feeling within a few seconds then it is not original.


An original Pukhraj is naturally clean and smooth. A Granular and flaky stone is not an original one.

2. Appearance test

Through sunlight: Place a piece of white cloth over the Pukhraj and place it in near sunlight. If you notice a sharp yellow tint where the sunlight reflects, then it is original.

Sharp edges:

It is one of the hardest Gemstones, it is very abstruse, to cut it. So if the stone has an extremely sharp edge then the chances of it being a fake gemstone are high, original Pukhraj has complex cuts.


Yellow Sapphire stones are made of glass, then they would have air bubbles inside gems. On the contrary, an original yellow sapphire would not have any trace of bubbles.

3. Scratch Test

Yellow Sapphire scales 9.0 on the moh scale, which means it is very hard. If you rub the stone with some hard substance and it gets scratched then surely the stone is not original.

4. Milk Test

Keep the gem in a cup or glass of milk. If you see any colour change then it is not original. The original gemstone will not show any colour change

5. Weight Test

A basic gemstone is high in weight with one cubic centimeter weighing 4 grams or more. Shake the stone in hand and try to measure its weight. If it doesn’t feel heavy and weighs less, it’s a fake stone.

The above tests can help identify the originality but they cannot be considered the ultimate test. Furthermore, one cannot be sure whether the original gemstone is heat-treated or not. If the gems are subjected to heat treatment, they do not give astrological benefits. So the best and last way to test the originality and authenticity is to get it tested through a government-certified or trusted gemology lab. A gemological laboratory checks the originality and also checks if the gemstone has undergone any heat or colour enhancement treatment.

These were some simple Yellow Sapphire Stone Identification tips for judging the stone naturality in an easy way.

Who should wear Yellow Sapphire Stone?

Brihaspati is considered the luckiest planet. It brings us luck and fortune. But sometimes it may give a negative effect too. One should wear Pukhraj Rashi Ratna if –

  • Guru is placed in a malefic home of the native
  • Any natives who are failing their promotions and growth opportunities
  • Any natives who are having troubled married life, then you can wear Pukhraj Rashi Ratna
  • It brings relief for natives going through Rahu Mahadasha or Rahu Antardasha
  • Natives of Sagittarius and Pisces can wear Yellow Sapphire
  • Natives who suffer from health issues like heart problems, kidney diseases, etc diseases
  • If you have facing a financial problem then also he or she can wear Pukhraj stone
  • Yellow Sapphire stone is also recommended for unmarried girls and boys who are getting trouble finding a suitable match.

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