Panna Stone/Emerald


Panna stone, or Emerald, is the most expensive gem in the world. It is associated with the heart chakra and represents the energy patterns of this chakra. Its color shades range from light to dark green and to bluish-green. It belong to the beryl mineral family and worn to strengthen the planet Mercury.

Buying Guide-How to value


It is one of the most determinant factors in determining its value. It comes in shades ranging from medium to dark green, bluish-green, and sometimes yellowish-green. The Hue and intensity of colour are also essential components in deciding the price.


Inclusions that are visible to the naked eye are common in this. As a result, some customers and trade members recognise and accept the existence of inclusions in panna. A fully cleaned panna stone is extremely expensive because it is so scarce. The appearance of Panna’s inclusions is mossy or garden-like. They are also known as “jardins” (meaning “used for the garden” in French).


Due to its brittleness, it is usually cut in step cuts. The cutter evaluates the rough’s color, depth, durability, and inclusions when cutting the stone. Weight loss occurs due to mistakes, lowering the value of a potentially precious gemstone. This is more fragile than corundum (a gem), so it wants more safety during cutting, polishing, and setting, as well as daily use.

Carat Weight;

Panna stone, which is used for wearing purposes, comes in a wide range of sizes. Its price substantially increases with size. Its price starts at Rs. 500 and goes up to Rs. 1 lakh per carat and above.