Precious Gemstones

GemAdda is one of India’s leading gemstone sellers and offer a wide variety of loose gemstones at low cost (Certified by a government lab/IGI/GIA). Get 100% natural and government-lab-approved stones from a reputed brand at a cheap price. Plus, we also provide astrological advice.


Here you can find 100% natural gemstones like Neelam, Pukhraj, moonga, gomed, opal, etc. You can find Zambian Panna (emerald), Kashmiri sapphire, Ceylon sapphire, Burmese Manik (ruby), fire opal, south sea, Basra pearls, and other precious gems. Get the best quality stones from the comfort of your own home.


If you buy any stone certified by a government lab or a reputed private lab, it means that whatever stone you are buying, you cannot be cheated in quality because this lab doesn’t hide anything from you about the stone. Now, you only have to take care of the rate, and for this, you can compare our rates with them by visiting different websites. You will also know here how to wear gemstones according to our shastra and astrology.


But before investing, you must read some Informative Articles about these precious stones. It will help you a lot with selection as well as purchasing.


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