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What can be a gem?

Any material that has the three essential qualities of beauty, rarity, and durability (B, R, D) and can be fashioned into an attractive form is being used as a gem material.
Gemstones are commonly classified on the basis of groups, species, and varieties or by their chemical composition, i.e., silicates, oxides, etc. It is a piece of crystal, a mineral, or an organic material.


To identify a gemstone, there are a number of very accurate tests that anyone can use. Each gem has physical and optical properties that are constant within narrow limits and, to a certain extent, can be determined. Hardness, gravity, fracture type, cleavage, and inclusion are physical properties of a gem, while R.I., dispersion, and optical character come under optical properties. In short, we can say that the properties associated with light come under “optical properties.” To begin, an unknown stone is identified visually, which includes color, cut, transparency, luster, dispersion, gravity, and phenomenal properties. For further, in-depth analysis, a 10x lens, a microscope, and other advanced instruments are needed.

A basic fact that must never be forgotten is that a simulant may be:

Natural; Synthetic; Imitation; Composite; Reconstructed or Surface-Modified

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Before investing, you must read some informative articles about these precious stones. What are the industry updates, running trends, and answers to some common queries? It will help you a lot with selection as well as purchasing.

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