Opal Stone


Opal stone is one of the best substitutes for Diamond. It is associated with the planet Venus. It comes in almost all colors, but it is mainly worn in white for astrological benefits. Opals contain water, and any sudden changes in temperature may cause them to crack or fracture.

Buying Guide-How to value

Play Of Color Phenomena or Firing

The price of an opal stone depends mostly on this quality. Because of the play of color(A phenomena), sparkles of different colors are seen in the opals. The play of color is caused by the direction of light from the spheres of silica gel in the opal structure. Specific colors are seen depending on the size of the silica gel and its arrangement in the structure.


It is generally cut into basic cabochons cut to allow most of the light to pass through them. The basic technique of cutting involves keeping this gem as large as possible with minimizing waste. It is usually cut into cabochons to display its rainbow effect.


When talking about opal stone, clarity means judging the amount of transparency and minimum inclusions. It comes from transparent to opaque. The background plays a significant role in deciding the value. If its background is milky, it will be less valuable.

Color and price

Opal stones come in a huge variety. Black ones are the rarest and most valued. The fire opal stone is also quite valuable and expensive. It displays a dominant red, orange, or yellow sparkle. Its range goes from around Rs. 400 per carat to Rs. 20,000 per carat.