Benefits Of Opal Stone (Doodhiya Pathar)

Benefits Of Opal Stone (Doodhiya Pathar)

Opal stone, also called doodhiya pathar can reduce the ill effects of Venus. Being related to the planet Venus, it is considered a symbol of luxury. This gemstone is most recommended for people with the zodiac signs of Taurus (Vrashab Rashi) and Libra (Tula Rashi). Its mainly two varieties are available in the market, Australian opal and Ethiopian opalOpal stone benefits or effects are as follows;

1) Healing benefits

Opal gemstone gives benefits to treat Parkinson’s disease, viral fevers, and infections. It purifies the blood. It is especially useful in the treatment of depression and other mental disorders because it eliminates lethargy or laziness in the body.

2) Satisfying desires

If you don’t have satisfaction in life, then no matter how much you earn, you will not get rest. One feels satisfied with himself after wearing it. It brings comfort and luxury into the life of the wearer.

3) Improves relationships

Opal gemstone benefit in removing mutual mis-understandings and work to improve relationships. As a result, anyone who has difficulty getting along with others should wear this stone.

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4) Protects the wearer

Opal stone protects the wearer from evil spirits, nightmares, and fears. It creates a positive aura around the wearer. Apart from this, it also helps in avoiding natural calamities such as fire, storms, and accidents.

(How to wear opal gemstone)

opal gem doodhiya patthar


Weight: A minimum of one-tenth of one’s body weight.
Color – As recommended by the astrologer
Metal – Silver or Gold
Finger – Index Finger of the working hand
Day & Time: Friday afternoon (12 o’clock)
Chanting Mantra: Om Shun Shukraye Namah (108 times)


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