Alternatives Of Yellow Sapphire

Alternatives of Yellow Sapphire

The Pukhraj Stone, also known as Yellow Sapphire is a yellow color gemstone – that belongs to the corundum mineral family. Sometimes it is also referred to as the twin of Manik and Neelam. It is linked to the planet Jupiter and is for people born in September.

Such as Neelam stone, which can cause trouble for people not well-suited to them, and yellow sapphire can be worn without hesitation. But if you’re looking for alternatives to yellow sapphire for various reasons, such as cost, availability, or personal preference, here are some options:

( Citrine )

Citrine is a popular gemstone that shares a similar yellow color to yellow sapphire. It is more affordable and readily available than yellow sapphire. In astrology, citrine is used as a substitute for yellow sapphire due to its association with the planet Jupiter. While citrine doesn’t have the same mineral composition as yellow sapphire, its color and astrological attributes make it a suitable and cost-effective substitute for those seeking Jupiter’s blessings.

citrine gem sunela stone

( Yellow Topaz )

Yellow topaz is another gemstone that closely resembles yellow sapphire. It is also a more budget-friendly substitute. In astrology, yellow topaz is often used as an alternative of yellow sapphire to harness the positive energies associated with the planet Jupiter. It is worn to strengthen Jupiter’s influence in a person’s birth chart. To use yellow topaz effectively, it is typically worn as a ring or pendant on the index finger of the right hand during specific astrologically favorable periods.

yellow topaz

( Yellow Zircon )

Yellow zircon can mimic the appearance of yellow sapphire. It’s an attractive and affordable option for those looking for a yellow gemstone. Yellow zircon is considered an alternative of yellow sapphire for harnessing the beneficial energies associated with the planet Jupiter. Yellow sapphire is believed to enhance wisdom, knowledge, and financial prosperity. Yellow zircon, sharing a similar yellow hue, is believed to possess qualities that align with Jupiter’s influence. Make sure before buying that it should not be heat-treated.

yellow zircon

( Yellow Spinel )

Yellow spinel is a less well-known gemstone but can display a beautiful yellow hue that resembles yellow sapphire. It is an affordable substitute instead of yellow sapphire.
Yellow spinel can serve as an Alternative To Yellow Sapphire for harnessing the beneficial energies associated with the planet Jupiter. Yellow spinel is believed to enhance wisdom, prosperity, and spirituality, just like yellow sapphire, and strengthens Jupiter’s positive influence in one’s life.

yellow spinal

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