Bangkok sapphires vs. Ceyloni sapphires

Bangkok sapphires and ceyloni sapphires

Sapphire holds a very prominent place for its beauty and mystique in the astrological field. Here we will talk about two well-known sapphire types named Bangkok Sapphires and Ceyloni Sapphires. Bangkok sapphires hold a large hub in the gemstone market for their excessive amount of trade in sapphires, and on the other hand, we see Ceylon sapphires are the best or most appreciated for their natural beauty and rarity in the market. So let’s explore the differences between Bangkok sapphires and Ceyloni sapphires.


The term Bangkok sapphire is not used for any special sapphire. Bangkok Sapphire means the sapphires that are found in Bangkok and the sapphires that are traded in Bangkok. Bangkok is that place that is a major hub of the gemstones specially blue sapphire and yellow sapphires. Bangkok Sapphires does not have a specific geological region.
Ceylon sapphire is also called Shri Lankan sapphire. This sapphire originates from Sri Lanka, the island, which is situated in south Asia.


Bangkok Sapphires always come with deep colors. The Bangkok Sapphires are usually enhanced with heat treatment, which helps improve the color as well as the clarity. This treatment affects the price of Bangkok sapphires.

Ceylon sapphire holds a large range of colors and carries deep blue to various shades of blue, including cornflower blue, royal blue, light blue, etc, not only blue. Ceylon Sapphires are also available in pink, yellowish green, and orange. the most expensive color-changing sapphire only comes from Ceylon

Price Comparison

Bangkok sapphire is more affordable as compared to Ceylon sapphire because it undergoes heat treatment to enhance color and clarity. Due to being a major hub in the gemstone market in Bangkok, sapphire is easily available at an affordable rate.

But Ceylon sapphire is expensive as compared to Bangkok sapphire and its attractive natural colors make it a high-priced item.

Are ceyloni sapphires best?

Bangkok sapphire should be used only in making jewelry to look beautiful. it should not be used for astrological purposes, but Ceylon sapphire can be used for both purposes to make jewelry as well as astrological benefits. So in comparison to Bangkok and Ceyloni sapphire, Ceyloni is the best.


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