Zambian vs Brazilian( sakota) emerald

Zambian vs Brazilian Emerald

Zambian and Brazilian emeralds both come from different parts of the world and have distinct characteristics and unique charm. Let’s explore the key differences between these two types of emeralds in simple terms:


Zambian emeralds are sourced from the African country of Zambia, located in the southern part of the continent.
Brazilian emeralds, as the name suggests, are found in Bahia (Brazil), a country in South America.


Zambian emeralds generally comes with deep green color, often described as “forest green emeralds.” They can have a slightly bluish or cool tone, which sets them apart.
Brazilian emeralds generally exhibit a bright green to yellowish-green color.


Zambian emeralds often have a higher degree of transparency, allowing more light to pass through the gem. This enhances their brilliance and sparkle.
Brazilian emeralds may have a cloudier appearance due to the presence of more inclusions. This gives them a less transparent look.

Cost and Rarity

After Colombian emeralds, Zambian emeralds are considered the best. They are highly sought-after for their deep green color and clarity.
Brazilian emeralds are generally more affordable than Zambian emeralds due to their lower clarity. Brazilian emeralds are popular for those who prefer a vibrant green color and are looking for a more budget-friendly option. However, rare and exceptional Brazilian emeralds can also be more valuable than Zambian.

Which is more effective?

Most people and astrologers believe that, due to their clarity, Zambian emeralds have more influence on the person, hence the large number of people like Zambians; however, this is completely a myth.


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