Sphatik Mala And Its Benefits

Sphatik mala is also one of the most common in Hinduism. It is popularly known for its auspiciousness. Sphatik is also used by Muslims and Christians for religious purposes. It is an essential element in mantra chanting, pooja, meditation, and other spiritual activities. It is made up of rhinestones (quartz and sphatik stone).

It’s a combination of silicon and oxygen. Quartz stones, commonly known as sphatik crystals, are normally clear.
For best performance, your mala must be natural and should include one hundred and eight beads of identical size and shape. You will not receive any benefit from broken beads. Remove any damaged beads from your mala as soon as possible.

Benefits or effects

Sphatik Mala has a powerful shield of light and power around her that protects the wearer from harmful vibrations. Sphatik makes them more loving and allows them to appreciate life more fully. It is known to help people achieve their goals in life. Wearing a quartz crystal or sphatik mala increases one’s sense of purpose in life, reduces stress, boosts healing skills, and aids in balancing one’s life.

The sphatik is claimed to have spiritual properties since it relaxes the mind. Individuals wear it around their necks to keep their body temperature down and their brains cool.



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