s Pearl Stone - Price, Ring, Benefits, Online, Identification

Pearl Stone - Price, Ring, Benefits, Online, Identification

Pearl Stone

Pearlstone, commonly known as Moti Stone, is considered the queen of Natural Gemstones. Moti Ratna is associated with the Moon. It helps bring peace of mind, courage, confidence, and calmness. The most key significance of this gemstone is that it has no side effects, and anyone can wear it. Pearl Stone is the only stone that comes from living creatures like mollusks. It is one of the most precious Gemstones ever discovered.

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Q. Pearl Stone Origin Place?

China, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and India are some countries where it is produced. China is the largest producer, with Japan being second. Freshwater pearls mainly come from China, whereas saltwater pearls are from Japan and Australia. In freshwater rivers and lakes, it is produced in mussels, while in saltwater, oysters give pearls.

Q. Pearl Stone Price

What are the factors which affect Pearl Stone Price? Want to know, read this ;


Colour is the most significant aspect determining the Pearl stone price. It comes in a lot of different colors. It comprises the following colors – white, pink, silver, cream, golden, blue, and black. Some stone shows orientation or iridescence. To brighten and boost the intensity of the colors, it goes through bleaching sometimes.


It is mainly come in round, oval, pear, or drop-shaped. The regular-shaped are the best ones. As their symmetry increases, they become more valuable. Its size depends on the type of mollusks and oysters they are obtained from.

Lustre And Clarity,

The most significant characteristic of the Pearl (Moti) is its luster. Its surface must show bright and sharp reflections. Nacre is also called as mother of pearls. The material produced by mollusks as an inner shell layer is the main factor in determining the quality. The sound quality is smooth and blemish-free.

Carat Weight & Price,

It is a precious stone. Therefore the price ranges from Rs.1000 to over two lakhs per carat. The value of this stone dramatically changes with its size, color, and surface quality. Pearl prices in India may be different in different states.

These are the point that affects Pearl Stone Price

Q. Pearl Stone For Which Rashi?

Pearl Stone For Which Rashi? Want to know? Read this carefully

According to Vedic astrology, it signifies Moon. Moon is the symbol of calmness and is very helpful in reducing stress. People with anger management issues are remarkably advised to wear it. It provides stability and mental peace.

It is also advised not to wear it with Diamonds, Sapphires, and Emerald. Though these are not very strict rules, after proper astrological calculations of Mahadasha and Antardasha, one can wear it with any Rashi and other stone. It is particularly beneficial for Sagittarius, Pisces, and Leo. It is the birthstone of Cancer.

Q. Pearl Stone Benefits

What are the Top 4 Pearl Stone Benefits? Want to know? Read this

Healing Benefits,

Pearl Stone can treat disorders related to body fluids such as blood pressure and bladder issues. It also helps cope with skin-related diseases. It increases sexual strengthens and cures fertility and birth process-related issues.

Spirituality & Wisdom,

Purity, Spiritual Enlightenment, Charity, Trust, Wisdom, and Ethics are all qualities that represent it. It provides a clear route for receiving spiritual instruction and a transparent vehicle for increasing states of awareness.

Clear Vision And Self Confidence,

Pearl Stone symbolizes purity and a clear vision. It stimulates the spirit of self-acceptance and makes us feel calm about ourselves. Pearl provides a sense of dignity to the wearer. It helps attain liberal energies and open-mindedness.

Protects From Evil Eye,

It protects the wearer from risky commercial transactions and protects from evil eyes. It reduces the malefic effects of the Moon and provides the person with mental peace and stability.

We can not learn all Pearl Stone Benefits in a single blog, but These were some main Pearl Stone Benefits

Q. How to wear a pearl stone Ring?

Are you confused about how to wear Pearl Stone Ring? Don’t worry. See below :

Weight,                                 Minimum 7-8 Ratti (consult with astrologer)

Color,                                     Usually white

Metal,                                     Silver Ring

Finger,                                    Little Finger of Right Hand

Day & Time,                           Monday Sunrise

Mantra & Chanting,             Om Chandraye Namah (108 times)

It is the perfect way to wear Pearl Stone Ring. It will help if you take expert advice before wearing Pearl Stone Ring.

Q. Pearl Stone Identification?

Pearl Stone Identification is hard without instruments, but we’ll look at some things to look for Pearl Stone Identification

1. Look for some Imperfections,

Natural stone is usually not perfect. It has tiny blemishes and irregular surfaces. A natural pearl’s outer surface (also known as nacre) will reflect the light differently in different parts of the stone when passed on it. Also, a fake Pearl or a will look perfectly spherical as real ones are not perfect and indentation on the surface.

2. Check the luster,

Luster is the property or parameter that shows the reflection of light. The finest quality shows a very bright and strong luster. And it almost looks like the light is coming from them. On looking closely, one can see their reflection in reality, whereas it’s not possible in fake. However, in this method, Real ones with low quality can be mistaken as fake ones.

3. Overtone,

It shows a significant amount of overtone, which is extremely valuable and expensive. Overtone is the color on the outer surface that shows up when light is passed on it. Fake ones do not display an overtone effect. Therefore it’s easy to differentiate between a fake and a real one. Pass the light on your pearl stone and look for the slight shade of color when light strikes it. If it shows that little shade, it might be a real one.

4. Check the drill holes,

It is generally drilled with holes to make necklaces. Carefully observe the whole of it. If you find the edged of the whole rough and perfectly rounded edges. Real ones have imperfectly round holes, and boundaries are very well defined.

5. Scratch Test,

Take 2 Pearls in which you are sure one is real, and the other is fake. Rub them against each other. You’ll find the roughness or feel friction. Observe both outer layers and look for the one with a rough surface. It’s probably a real one, whereas a fake will not get wild as they are made of plastic or other substances.

Alternatively, you can try scratching them gently and carefully with your teeth. The real one, as usual, will make you feel rough, gritty or irregular, or uneven on your teeth. On the other hand, a fake will give a feeling of a smooth surface on the teeth.

These were some Pearl Stone Identification Methods.

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