Cats Eye / Lehsunia Stone


Cats Eye Stone also known as Lahsuniya is worn for Ketu. People wear it to bring comfort, wealth, and luck to life. It protects us from the negative effects of evil eyes and planet ketu. Its colours range from gold, honey, greenish-yellow, and yellowish-green to brownish-yellow. The price mainly depends on its origin country and chatoyancy(A phenomena) Effect.

It is mainly found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, China, and Zimbabwe. Some other notable producers are Pakistan, Russia, Madagascar, and the United States. The majority of cats eye comes from alluvial deposits in sands and gravels near the sea, with some found in metamorphic marble deposits.

Rs 950 per Ratti
Rs 150 per Ratti
Rs 300 per Ratti
Rs 100 per Ratti