s Gomed Stone - Price, Ring, Benefits, Identification(2022)

Gomed Stone - Price, Ring, Benefits, Identification(2022)

Gomed Stone

Gomed stone is also known as Rahu Ratna or Hessonite Stone. In Vedic Astrology, Gomed Ratna is associated with the planet of Rahu; This is why it is also called Rahu RatnaGomed Stone Price depends on its colour, from yellow-reddish to deep brown. It helps to keep us away from the harmful effects of Rahu and helps us cope with the negative energies around us. It allows people to avail themselves and benefit from sudden opportunities and gains. Buy Gomed Stone Online from GemAdda.com at Best Price.  Fast Delivery, Free Shipping and Lab Certified.

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Q. Gomed Stone Origin Place?

Hessonite Stone or Gomed Ratna mainly comes from Canada, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. These countries are commercial producers, while Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Kenya are other parts of the world where Gomed Ratna is mined. It belongs to the grossularite garnet group. Garnet comes in many varieties, from its chemical composition to its colour

Q. Gomed Stone Price

What are the factors which affect Gomed Stone Price? Want to know, read this ;

Colour of Gomed Stone

When it is mined comes in green colour. At the same time, it is mostly honey-yellow to brown-red. It is also known as Cinnamon stone because of its colour and primary origin in Sri Lanka (land of spices). It sometimes also occurs in pink. A substantial increase in the popularity of different shades of garnets has been seen in recent times.


Like its colour, inclusion is another vital quality factor for Hessonite Garnet Stone. When seen under magnified vision, it becomes less transparent, which helps in distinguishing it from gemstones of the same colour. Gomed Ratna has inclusions that look like scattered islands or flat bubbles. Inclusion affects the Price much.


It is relatively firm stones, making them relatively easy to deal with. They have solid refractive characteristics, allowing an expert cutter to bring out the Stone’s full brilliance. Generally, these stones are cut in cabochon.

Carat Weight

It is not rare. Its price ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.2500 and above. It depends on size, shape, durability, colour, and other properties. Demantoid and Tsavorite are the two most expensive garnets. The price per carat increases significantly as the size becomes more significant.

These are the point that affects Gomed Stone Price

Q. Gomed Stone For Which Rashi?

In Vedic Astrology, Gomed Stone is associated with Rahu. Rahu is the shadow planet, not a part of the solar system but has a malign aura. It has highly destructive powers. Therefore holds a great significance in Astrology.
People above the age of 25 years can use Gomed Stone. As it is associated with Rahu, wear it only in specific conditions of the horoscope. Therefore consult an astrologer before wearing it, as Rahu is malefic and disruptive.

Q. Gomed Stone Benefits

What are the Top 4 Gomed Stone Benefits? Want to know? Read this:

Healing Power.

The Stone has excellent therapeutic qualities. It is beneficial in healing cancer, boils, leprosy, asthma, and blood pressure. One can overcome mental disorders, anxiety, and depression by wearing the Hessonite Stone. It also provides calmness and mental clarity.

Karmic Benefits.

Wearing Gomed Ratna helps in getting rid of the wheel of Karmic desires. By achieving this state, one gets ahead in the spiritual path. People have been using Garnet stones for spiritual purposes since ancient times. It is one of the most potent spiritual stones.

Concentration & Focus.

It aids with concentration, focus, and goal-setting by providing clear guidance. Gomed Gemstone is beneficial for people in research work. People in the IT sector, politics, government sector, lawyers, and scientists also benefit from its power. Public Speakers wear it to win over crowds.

Protects From Negativity.

Black magic and negativity cannot affect a person wearing them. It helps fight enemies and gets victorious. Gomed Ratna removes the wearer’s fear and helps in getting stability in life by settling problems and disputes. It has the power to turn enemies into friends.

We can not learn all Gomed Stone Benefits in a single blog, but These were some main Gomed Stone Benefits

Q. How to wear Gomed Stone Ring?

Are you confused about how to wear Gomed Stone Ring? Don’t worry. See below :

Weight.                       1/10th of the body weight in carats

Colour.                        Medium to dark red is preferred

Metal.                          Silver Ring

Finger.                         As suggested by an astrologer

Day & Time.               Saturday Early Morning

Mantra & Chanting.  Om Rang Rahave Namaha (108 times)

It is the perfect way to wear Gomed Stone Ring. You should wear Gomed Stone Ring after expert advice.

Q. Gomed Stone Identification Tips

Gomed Stone Identification is hard without instruments, but we’ll look at some things to look for Gomed Stone Identification

1. Color Test.

Suppose you have two Stone, with one being real for sure. How would you differentiate? Let’s find out Garnet are notably rich and intense in colour.

As Garnet Ratna resembles Ruby, some people get confused in distinguishing these two. So if you want to differentiate Ruby and Gomed Ratn, closely observe them and look for colours. Suppose you are getting an orangish or earthy tone in the Stone. In that case, it’s a Gomed Gemstone where Ruby shows a brilliant red hue with bluish or purplish secondary shades on Stone.

2. Look For Impurities.

We can distinguish natural Hessonite Stone by looking at their clarity. The greater the symmetry of natural Gomed Ratna, the more valuable it is. Natural Gomed Gemstone jewellery with superb clarity is extremely rare.

3. Reflection Test.

One can clearly distinguish between a real one and a fake one by seeing its reflection. Place the Stone near your eyes and closely observe; look inside the Stone with light coming from a remote source. It will probably be authentic if you see the light reflected inside the Stone. Also, see through the axis of the Stone in some way; you’ll see a rainbow pattern inside if it’s a natural stone.

If you do not see any reflection, then that is a fake stone is much higher.

4. Boil Test.

Put your Stone in boiling water. If they have no effect in boiling water, they are real ones. Natural Gomed Ratna is challenging and very unlikely to be destroyed by heating. The fake Stone will melt down quickly.


Distinct Hessonite Stone with varied chemical compositions may have different magnetic susceptibilities. Consider the Spessartine and Tsavorite Garnets, which are most and least magnetic, respectively.

These were some Gomed Stone Identification Methods.

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