Moonga Stone /Coral


Moonga or Red Coral is a bright, red-colored organic gemstone that come out of the sea. Wearing this has numerous amazing benefits. It comes from marine creatures called coral polyps and made up of calcium carbonate. It is considered lucky due to its astrological association with the planet Mars.


Buying Guide-How to value


It comes in many different colors: white, pink, orange, red, blue, violet, gold, and black. Red, pink, and white are mainly used as gemstones in jewelry. Red is the most likable. Pink and white are not as popular as red.


It is mainly cut into triangular, spherical, cylindrical, and cabochons. Cutters use their branches in gold jewelry for ornamental purposes. Moonga Stone’s Price depends on its cutting as well.


It mainly comes in a dusky shade. One can see the rough markings on the surface. To protect its color, one must avoid exposing it to sunlight for extended periods.

Carat Weight;

Its price depends upon its origin, color, and clarity and goes from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000 per carat.