s Moonga Stone - Price, Ring, Benefits, Online, Identification

Moonga Stone - Price, Ring, Benefits, Online, Identification

Moonga Stone

Moonga Stone or Red Coral Gemstone is a bright red colored Organic Gemstone. There are a lot of amazing benefits of wearing Moonga RatnaMunga Stone is an ancient stone, and people have been using it for thousands of years. It comes from marine creatures called coral polyps. It is mainly made up of Calcium Carbonate. Moonga Stone is lucky due to its astrological association with planet Mars.

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Triangular Moonga

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Q.Moonga Stone Origin Place

The Mediterranean and the Red Sea are the primary producers of it. Other noteworthy producers are Australia, India, Italy, and Sri Lanka. It is found mainly in regions having tropical and subtropical environments. Italian Red Coral is the most popular. It is in high demand as it is the finest one.

Q. Moonga Stone Price

What are the factors which affect Moonga Stone Price? Want to know, read this ;


It comes in many different colors – white, pink, orange, red, blue, violet, gold, and black. Red, Pink, and White are mainly used as gemstones in jewelry. Redone is the most desirable stone. Pink and white are not as popular as red ones.


It is mainly cut in triangular, spherical, cylindrical, and cabochons. Cutters use their branches in gold jewelry for ornamental purposes. Moonga Stone Price depends on its cutting style also.


It mainly comes in a dusky shade. One can see the rough markings on the surface. To protect its color, one must avoid exposing it to sunlight for extended periods.

Carat Weight:

Its cost depends upon its origin, color, and clarity. Red Coral Stone Price goes from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10000 per carat.

These are the point that affects Moonga Stone Price

Q. Moonga Stone For Which Rashi?

According to Indian astrology, It is associated with the planet Mars. Wearing it protects from the evil effects of Mars or Mangal. Mars symbolizes the blood, energy, and vitality of human life. People usually call Mars the god of courage.
It is best for the Aries (Mesh Rashi) and Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi). While Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer can wear it too. However, it is recommended to consult an astrologer.

Q. Moonga Stone Benefits

What are the Top 4 Moonga Stone Benefits? Want to know? Read this:

It is an angelic stone that has a significant impact on the wearer. There are a ton of advantages to wearing it. Some of the top benefits are –

Healing Benefits:

It has the most remarkable healing properties. One gets significant relief in medical conditions of the thyroid gland, gall bladder, and kidneys. It protects from several other diseases anemia, headache, and blood disorders. It also cures eye disorders. Therefore it’s recommended to wash your eyes with water that has coral soaked in it.

Instils Courage:

It gives courage, fearlessness, and the ability to deal with problems. It gives the wearer the immense power to face adversity and ensures victory over enemies. It is known as the best gemstone to overcome nervousness and boost self-esteem. It also helps to beat laziness.

Spiritual Benefits:

People widely use this to get spiritual benefits. It helps connect the person with the universe. Therefore one can use it for meditation and other practices. It gives you the power to communicate and feel divine energies. It also brings intellectual power, wisdom, and inner peace.

Good Luck:

It is a lucky gemstone due to its association with the planet Mars. Mars symbolizes modesty, wealth, wisdom, and happiness. So people wear it to bring good luck in their lives. It also resolves marital issues. It brings overall stability in life, be it mental or physical.

We can not learn all Moonga Stone Benefits in a single blog, but These were some main Moonga Stone Benefits

Q. How To Wear Moonga Stone Ring?

Are you confused about how to wear Moonga Stone Ring? Don’t worry. See below :

Weight:                           Minimum 1/10th of the bodyweight

Colour:                            Vibrant red

Metal:                              Silver or Gold Ring

Finger:                             Ring Finger

Day & Time:                   Tuesday morning before sunrise

Mantra & Chanting:     Om Mangalaye Namah (108 times)

It is the perfect way to wear Moonga Stone Ring, But you should wear Moonga Stone Ring after expert advice.

Q. Moonga Stone Identification Tips

Moonga Stone Identification is hard without instruments, but we’ll look at some things for Moonga Stone Identification. Natural, synthetic, and copy gemstones are the three sorts of gemstones.

1. Milk Test

Take a glass of milk and put your stone in it. Now carefully observe the color of milk after a few minutes; if the color changes to slight red or pink, It is real. If the color of milk does not change, it will be a fake or imitation.

2. Vinegar Test

Take a bowl of diluted vinegar and place the Red Coral Gemstone in it. If it starts making bubbles, it’s a real because Red Coral Gemstone is made up of calcium carbonate; when calcium carbonate comes in contact with an acid, it produces bubbles.

However, this test is not considered very good as coated fake Red Coral Gemstone can also show the same effects.

One can also perform this test with Nitric Acid (Lemon Juice) and look for bubbles or effervescence.

3. Scratch Test

Try to scratch the stone with your nail and carefully hear the sound it produces. If it sounds like the scratching sound of glass or plastic, it’s probably a fake stone made up of plastic or glass.

4. Turmeric Test

Take a piece of raw turmeric and rub it against the stone; if it leaves a red mark on the turmeric, it is a fake or an imitation of Red Coral Gemstone, not a real one. Turmeric color will not change if it’s a natural Red Coral Gemstone.

It is critical for anyone purchasing this to check for this. It might be tough to tell the difference between a fake and a real one at times. The above-given methods and experiments will help you differentiate between real and imitation.

These were some Moonga Stone Identification Methods

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