Manik Stone/ Ruby

Manik Stone / Ruby

The Manik Stone (Ruby) is the Stone of Sun. The Sun is the King of all planets, making it one of the principal Ratna. Ruby’s color ranges from pale pink to a deep, fiery red and the color of this stone is due to the chromium present in it. People often wore it on their right hand to get benefits. It is second only to Diamond in terms of hardness. Ruby gem comes in corundum mineral family group.

Buying Guide-How to value


It is the most significant aspect in determining the price. Pure red is the best color. It should not be too red-black or too bright. It will have an impact of absolute brilliance. Even slight variations in quality can drastically alter the value of gem-grade materials.


A high-quality stone will be free of blemishes. That implies it won’t have any visible inclusions. Inclusions are microscopic threads, tiny droplets of metal, or fragments of other particles. These particles are inside this when it is formed. A manik stone with high clarity will have no apparent inclusions.


Hexagonal natural crystals can be cylindrical or elongated.

Carat Weight;

It is the most relevant factor in the price. The price per carat grows as the size increases. Larger-sized real stones are rare and difficult to find in the local market.