Moonga Mala Benefits

Moonga (Red Coral) Mala Benefits

Malas are mainly used and worn by Hindus for meditation and religious practices. It helps unify their mind, body, and soul, but it should be natural and of good quality to get the desired outcomes.
Rudraksha mala, Moonga mala and Sphatik mala, are prominent in these. These enhance the wearer’s positivity and harmonize the aura around us.

Moonga Mala Benefits

natural red coral moonga mala

This mala is made up of red coral and is used to worship the goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh. Astrologers advise wearing the moonga mala as a band on your hand (fingertips) to get the most benefits. This can be worn as a mala, necklace, or band.

According to Indian astrology, it is associated with the planet Mars. Wearing this shields you from the negative effects of Mars or Mangal. Mars symbolizes the blood, energy, and vitality of human life. People usually call Mars the god of courage.


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