Burmese vs Mozambique Ruby

Burmese vs Mozambique Ruby

Rubies have captivated the world for centuries with their exquisite beauty and deep, alluring red hue. Among the various sources of these precious gemstones, Burmese rubies and Mozambique rubies stand out as some of the most coveted and treasured. These gems have unique characteristics and origins that make them distinctive in the world of gemstones. In this comparison, we will delve into the mesmerizing world of Burmese rubies and Mozambique rubies, exploring the key differences that make them both alluring in their own right.


Burmese rubies, also known as Myanmar rubies, have a legendary reputation in the gemstone world. They are mined primarily in the Mogok region of Myanmar (formerly Burma). These rubies have a rich history dating back centuries and are often considered the standard of quality for rubies.
Mozambique rubies hail from the Montepuez region in Mozambique, Africa. While they may not have the same historical legacy as Burmese rubies, they have gained prominence in recent years due to their vibrant color and increasing availability.

Color and Saturation

Burmese rubies are celebrated for their pigeon’s blood-red color, which is considered the most desirable shade for rubies. This color is characterized by a deep, intense red with a hint of blue undertones.

Mozambique rubies are known for their strikingly similar color to Burmese rubies. They also exhibit a vibrant red hue, often with a slightly more purplish or raspberry tint. While not identical, the color of Mozambique rubies can be remarkably close to that of Burmese rubies.

Inclusions and Clarity

Burmese rubies tend to have a higher presence of silk-like inclusions, which can give them a velvety appearance. Mozambique rubies are known for their relatively better clarity. They often have fewer inclusions, making them appear more transparent and allowing the color to shine through with greater brilliance.

Price comparison

No doubt that Burmese is counted among the most expensive rubies in the world. The limited supply from Myanmar, coupled with high demand, contributes to their exclusivity and cost. Due to their legendary status, Burmese rubies command a premium price in the gemstone market.

Mozambique rubies are generally more affordable than Burmese rubies, making them an attractive option for those seeking the beauty of a fine ruby without the hefty price tag. Their increasing availability has made them a popular choice among gemstone enthusiasts.


Both Burmese and Mozambique rubies possess their own charm. Burmese rubies are steeped in history and renowned for their pigeon’s blood-red color and high price, while Mozambique rubies offer a captivating alternative with their vibrant hues, comparatively better clarity, and low cost. The choice between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences, budget, and the significance of origin in one’s gemstone collection.

Light pink color mozambique ruby with Groth pattern
burmies ruby
Burmese Ruby

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