Yellow Sapphire / Pukhraj Stone

Yellow Sapphire / Pukhraj Stone

In the market maximum duplication happens in this stone.


Synthetic yellow sapphire, chrysoberyl, citrine, topaz, yellow beryl, hessonite garnet, sillimanite, synthetic cubic zirconia, etc.

Origin place or source country

Pukhraj Stone is found in various parts of the world, such as India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, the UK, and Nepal. Some of the finest quality pukhraj is found in the Ceylon mines of Sri Lanka. In India, it comes from Jammu. A few pukhraj stones are also found in the state of Orissa, but they are not of very high quality.

Physical properties/chemical composition

The chemical composition of Pukhraj stone is AI2 O3, and its hardness is 9 according to the Mohs scale. The specific gravity (S.G.) ranges between 3.98 and 4, and the refractive index (R.I.) lies between 1.76 and 1.77.