s Pukhraj Stone - Price, Ring, Benefits, Online Purchasing

Pukhraj Stone - Price, Ring, Benefits, Online Purchasing

Pukhraj Stone

Pukhraj Stone is also known as Guru Ratna or Yellow Sapphire StonePukhraj Ratna is a key Rashi Ratna in Vedic astrologyPukhraj Gemstone belongs to the Corundum Mineral Family and is also referred to as the twin of Ruby and Neelam. It mainly comes in yellow colours. It links to the planet of Jupiter. People wear them for a variety of reasons as it helps to get Success, wealth, and happiness and can bring prosperity to one’s life.

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Q. Pukhraj Stone Origin Place

Yellow Sapphire is found in various parts of the world, such as India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, the Uk, and Nepal. Yellow Sapphire can find some of the finest quality in the Ceylon mines of Sri Lanka. In India, it comes from Jammu. It is one of the best in the world. A few Pukhraj Stone are also found in the state of Orissa, but they are not very high quality

Q. Pukhraj Stone Price

What are the factors which affect Pukhraj Stone Price? Want to know, read this ;


The colour is the single most essential element in determining Pukhraj Stone Price. A sapphire’s hue is, in fact, more significant than its clarity. Sapphires are rarely flawless, and even the most costly stones might have minor inclusions. Superior gemstone values greatly varies with slight colour changes.

Fine loose gemstones with excellent colour and clarity are constantly in high demand. Yellow sapphires with highly saturated medium or medium dark yellow tones are the best Bright lemon yellow, brilliant yellow, and deep Ceylon yellow are all lovely hues.


Significant or even faint natural inclusions like feathers, colour zoning, crystals, and so on are commonly seen in this stone. The cost of a Pukhraj Stone varies expensive due to black inclusions, feathers, and natural cracks.


It is usually cut into an oval shape. It is to preserve maximum weight and obtain a high-carat gemstone. Other common forms are round, cushion, and emeralds, while pears and hearts are famous.

It also depends on the local cut. To highlight the asterism in the gemstone, It is cut in cabochons to give a star effect properly.

Carat Weight

The most relevant factor is the price per Carat. The price per Carat grows as the size of the stone increases. The price per Carat also depends upon the treatment of the stone. Its price per Carat lies around Rs. 1300 to 1 lakhs and above. Large stones in good condition with a brilliant golden yellow hue are rare and reasonably priced.

These are the point that affects Pukhraj Stone Price

Q. Pukhraj Stone For Which Rashi?

  1. Pukhraj Stone For Which Rashi?

Pukhraj Stone For Which Rashi? Want to know? Read this carefully

In Vedic Astrology, Pukhraj Stone is associated with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is Guru of all Devtas, meaning teacher of all planets. It makes it a powerful gemstone among all. Jupiter is one of the most powerful planets. When it is in the incorrect position, it may create various problems. It has the potential to harm your social and financial standing.

According to Indian Astrology, Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj) is suitable for the Sagittarius(Dhanu Rashi) and Pisces(Meen Rashi). Consult and get advice from our astrology expert to know more about it.

Q. Pukhraj Stone Benefits

What are the Top 4 Pukhraj Stone Benefits? Want to know? Read this:

Health Incentives

Pukhraj Stone helps heal respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, and other lung-related diseases. It can provide strength to our veins and arteries, directly related to our body’s blood supply. It can also help cure gastric problems, impotence, and pain in knee joints.

Better Relationships

It eliminates obstacles to finding true love and marrying. It produces favorable conditions for hastening a delayed marriage, bestows real happiness and marital joy, and enhances the overall quality of life. It promotes affection and harmony in relationships, excitement, and an optimistic outlook.

Brings Luck

When luck isn’t on your side, everything goes awry, and you lose track of where you’re going. This stone can offer you good fortune and magical powers. Whether you wear it as jewelry or carry it around with you, the sound changes around you will improve your life.

Enhances Intellect

Intelligence and literary talents abound in your personality. You aren’t lucky until you have the intelligence to anticipate the consequences of your actions and choices.

Because Jupiter is the god of philosophy and wisdom, wearing yellow sapphire can help you enhance both by changing the placements of this planet. It is an excellent stone for students and creative workers.

We can not learn all Pukhraj Stone Benefits in a single blog, but These were some main Pukhraj Stone Benefits

Q. How To Wear Pukhraj Stone Ring?

Are you confused about how to wear Pukhraj Stone Ring? Don’t worry. See below :

Weight                                      1/10th of the body weight in Ratti

Colour                                       Yellow light lemon preferred

Metal                                         Gold

Finger                                        Index Finger of Working hand

Day & Time                              Thursday Sunset

Mantra & Chanting                Om Bhrim Brihaspataye Namah (108 times)

It is the perfect way to wear Pukhraj Stone Ring. You should wear Pukhraj Stone Ring after expert advice)

Sapphire is a stone of spiritual strength, bringing wealth and aiding in preserving life’s gifts. Even without conscious activation, it tends to focus, emit, and spread energy to fulfill aspirations and wishes.

Look for the yellow sapphire if you need to accomplish a task, start or finish a fantastic project, or if you want to take action and fight procrastination in any aspect of your life.

Yellow Sapphire Stone can develop new interests and relationships while also assisting you in freshly seeing things. It brings clarity to life and relationships, reawakening them and infusing them with passion, hope, and significance.

Q. Pukhraj Stone Quality Factor?

The user experiences a worry of theft because of cracks in the yellow sapphire stone. On the other hand, milky Yellow Sapphire stone’s milky look harms offspring. Yellow Sapphire’s asymmetrical form also brings ill luck to the wearer.
Never wear broken or torn Pukhraj stones since they might have a damaging effect. Check it thoroughly for flaws before you buy.
If the gem lacks lustre, you might experience a problem with your family or enemies’ hands. It can happen if one wears a faulty Gem.
A cracked yellow Sapphire stone encourages robbery. Milky stone calls for body damage.
It’s a wearer’s personal choice to select the type of stone they want. We provide all kinds of Pukhraj Stone online at a minimum price all over India.

Q. Why Choose Us To Buy Pukhraj Stone Online?

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