Natural and glass-filled rubies

Natural vs Glass-filled Rubies

Nowadays new type of ruby is available in the market, called glass-filled ruby. Differentiating between real rubies and glass-filled rubies is crucial because rubies are indeed precious gemstones.

Glass-filled ruby undergo a treatment process involving heating and the injection of lead glass into surface-reaching fractures or cavities within the rubies. These fractures can occur naturally during the mining and cutting process. This process also involves treating lower-quality rubies with acid to remove mineralized inclusions.

Glass-filled rubies might offer a more affordable option but they are not on the same level as natural rubies in terms of value and durability. The glass-filling treatment makes the ruby more delicate and prone to breakage, which might not be suitable for everyday wear.

Difference between Natural vs Glass filled ruby

Natural Rubies

Imperfections: Genuine rubies often have tiny cracks or mineral marks that can be seen under magnification, confirming their authenticity.

Uniform Color: Natural rubies display a consistent, deep red color that spreads evenly across the gem.

Durability: They are durable and can handle everyday use without being easily damaged by heat or chemicals.

Higher Value: Due to their authenticity and quality, natural rubies typically command a higher price compared to glass-filled rubies.

Glass-Filled Ruby

Surface Fractures: Glass-filled rubies often show visible cracks or cavities on their surface, filled with lead glass. These cracks can be seen with the naked eye or under magnification.

Uneven Color: Glass-filled rubies may have uneven color spots, indicating the glass-filling process.

Affordable Price: They are usually more budget-friendly than natural rubies due to their lower quality.

Delicate Care: Glass-filled rubies are fragile and can be easily damaged by heat, chemicals, or ultrasonic cleaning. Special care is advised when handling them.

Transparency Clues: Tiny air bubbles or swirls within the fractures of glass-filled rubies can be spotted upon close inspection, revealing their treatment.


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