Benefits Of Coral Gemstone (Munga)

Benefits Of Coral Gemstone

Red Coral is associated with the planet Mars. Wearing it protects you from the evil effects of Mars or Mangal. Mars symbolizes the blood, energy, and vitality of human life. People usually call Mars the god of courage.
It is best for Aries (Mesh Rashi) and Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi). while Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer can wear it too. Let us know what benefits coral gives to people of these zodiac signs.

A) Healing Benefits

The most notable of its benefits is the healing one. It protects from several diseases, such as anemia, headaches, and blood disorders. It also cures eye disorders. Soaking coral in a pot of water and washing the eyes with that water improves eyesight.

B) Encourages bravery

Coral communicates courage and fearlessness in a person. Due to this, the wearer can easily face adverse situations and ensure victory over enemies.

C) Spiritual Purpose

It helps to concentrate the attention of the person, due to which the person who wants to move forward on the path of spirituality can connect with the universe. Remember that only the original coral gives you results and for this, you can identify the coral stone with some easy test, which you are wearing.

D) For Good luck

Gemstones are most commonly used to brighten your fortune. It is a lucky gemstone due to its association with the planet Mars. Mars symbolizes modesty, wealth, wisdom, and happiness. So people wear it to bring good luck into their lives.

E) Other Benefits

Apart from this, there are some other benefits of coral gemstones like It brings overall stability to life, be it mental or physical. Coral jewelry is also very popular in fashion these days.

( How to wear Coral Gemstone )

coral gem gemadda

Minimum weight: 1/10th of bodyweight
Color – Vibrant red color
Metal: A Silver or Gold Ring
Finger-Ring Finger
Day & Time: Tuesday morning before sunrise
Mantra 108 times chanted: Om Mangalaye Namah


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