Benefits Of Neelam Stone

Neelam is associated with the planet Saturn. It is also the quickest working gemstone that brings its effects. Saturn is the king of luck and spirituality and instantly impacts the wearer. A good quality neelam can bring fame and wealth.

1. For health

Because neelam stone is directly related to Shani, it helps to remove bleeding in any part of the body. Due to its exceptional nature, this stone gently calms the hyperactive parts of our bodies. It improves and gives flexibility to the spinal cord.

2. For good luck and wealth

You must have heard a saying about Neelam, that this Ratna has the ability to transform anyone, from a beggar to a king, and back again. It increases the wealth of the person very quickly if suited.

3. In love and compassion

The Neelam Stone is the stone of happiness. It helps to have long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. If there is a fight going on between the husband and wife, then sometimes both people are advised to wear blue sapphire.

Apart from this, there are many Benefits Of neelam stone, but to get all those benefits, a person should show his birth chart to a qualified astrologer.

How to wear

Weight -Minimum of 1/10th of bodyweight in Ratti
Color: Bright medium to dark blue in color.
Metal -Silver or gold metal
Finger: The working hand’s middle finger.
Day and time: Saturday (5:30 a.m.–7:00 a.m.)
Chanting Mantra – Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah(108 times)



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