Emerald Stone’s Benefits

Emerald Stone Benefits

Emerald stone is associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury has positive powers and neutralizes negativity. Wearing it can be beneficial for boosting self-confidence and social status. Many politicians and orators use it.

It comes in shades ranging from medium to dark green, bluish-green, and sometimes yellowish-green. This is more fragile than corundum (a gem), so it wants more safety during cutting, polishing, and setting, as well as daily use. Trade members recognize and accept the existence of inclusions in Panna because Inclusions that are visible to the naked eye are common in this. A fully cleaned emerald is extremely expensive because it is so scarce.

Mercury rules it, and it is suitable for the Gemini ascendant (Mithun Rashi). Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius ascendants can also wear this. Emerald stone Benefits or Effects are given below


1. Healing Benefits

Emerald has great healing power. It cures heart, stomach, and kidney diseases. It is also beneficial for curing skin-related diseases. It also reduces or eliminates the stress of the person wearing it.

2. Balance your Emotional

Emerald is also known as the “stone of love.” It creates an atmosphere of love around the person who wears it. It promotes togetherness and also enhances friendship. This stone also works well for increasing the social network.

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3. Improve communication power

Another main benefit of emerald stone is that it enhances your communication power, as a result of which you will not feel inadequate in front of anyone. It is easy to transmit your thoughts when your communication power is good.

4. Attract wealth

The emerald stone has always been a symbol of wealth. This brilliant green stone was also used to adorn the crowns of kings and queens in ancient times. When a person’s business has to be increased or a person’s job has to be promoted, then the name of the stone comes first.

(How to wear)

Weight of Ratti: 3, 6, or 7
Color preference: medium to dark green
Metal: gold or silver
Finger: The working hand’s little finger.
Day & Time: Wednesday Sunset
Mantra chanted 108 times: Om Budhaye Namah


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