How To Wear Gemstones Correctly?

How To Wear Gemstones Correctly

Is wearing gemstones effective? No, not for 90% of the population—why? Gemstone therapy has fascinated many, promising a plethora of benefits. Still, not everyone has this benefit because very few people know how to wear gemstones correctly. A large number of astrologers are available offline as well as online for such consultations. But very few astrologers who are experts in this field know this correctly.

If you want to wear gemstones for some reason, then to get full benefits, definitely pay attention to the important points given below.

1. Consult with astrologer - The first Step

Start by consulting with an experienced astrologer. This is the first and most important point. You should never wear gemstones on your own without consultation. Because almost all gems are expensive and it takes a lot of your money to invest, wearing gemstones as per your wishes can also have adverse effects. A good astrologer helps you in selecting gemstones as well as also tells you how to wear gemstones correctly.

2. Use Untreated Gemstones

Remember that only untreated gemstone gives benefits. Make sure that the gemstone you are going to wear is natural, untreated, and free of imperfections.  For this always demand a certificate from a reputed lab. Your card, which is given by the company as a certificate, should have unique identification digits, and you should verify it with the gem.

3. Wear Proper Weight

It is most important part in the topic how to wear gemstones correctly. First, know that no single shastra or Purana mentions the right weight for a gemstone to be considered. They only mention their origin and power.

But one should wear 1 carat for every 12 kilograms of body weight. So if someone weighs 48 kg, they should wear a 4-carat stone. This is a general calculation of weight. Keep in mind that if you think you should wear extra weight to get a good amount of benefit, this is a myth.

4. Metal Selection

If you fit a gemstone into the correct metal, it is going to enhance its quality. and allows for the proper transfer of energy within the wearer’s body and surroundings. Follow these recommendations for the right choice of metal.

Ruby – gold
Pearls – silver
Emerald – gold
Diamond – gold
Red coral – gold
Yellow sapphire – gold
Blue sapphire – silver or gold
Hessonite – gold or silver
Cat’s eye – gold or silver

If you are confused about wearing gold, whether white, rose, or yellow, let us tell you that it makes no difference at all. However, you should keep in mind that you should wear only gold of at least 18 karat purity or more.

When it comes to platinum, we will not recommend it, since when our shastras and Puranas were written, there was no mention of platinum, so don’t wear it.

5. Other Important Precautions

A) Whatever way you wear a stone, whether in a ring or a locket, gemstone must touch your skin. Keep in mind that if it is not so, then no matter what you do, the gemstone will not give you any effect. 

B). The dust should not cover your gemstone. For this, clean the bottom of your stone from time to time. When excess dirt accumulates, gemstones are unable to transfer energy properly, and their working capacity decreases.

C) Gemstone should be comfortable to wear. Comfort is key to experiencing gemstone benefits fully.

D) Some gemstones are worn in combination, and some are strictly prohibited from being worn in combination with some other gemstones, such as gomed stone and cat’s eye. Similarly, rubies should not be worn along with emeralds.

E) You can wear gemstones when you eat non-vegetarian food. Don’t believe the myth that if you wear them while eating non-vegan foods, their purity and power will be lost.

F) For better results, recharge your gemstone at least once within a month. For this, soak it in water for 45 minutes, and after that, keep it in sunlight for 2 to 3 hours.


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