How To Know If Gemstone Is Working?

How To Know If Gemstone Is Working?

The Jyotish gemstones can influence our karma in many ways. You’ll be able to progress through and neutralize old bad karma at a far faster rate with the correct gemstones. It is said to be a booster of the energy of the planets present in your Kundli.

Considering their importance, we spend thousands, sometimes lakhs, of rupees on them. But even after spending so much money and wearing them, can we know whether gemstones are working or not? The answer is YES. When a gemstone affects on human body, you can feel these changes:

1. It Enhance Meditating Power

After wearing a gemstone, concentrate and try to understand whether you are feeling more comfortable with that gemstone than before. If you are feeling uncomfortable in any way or are experiencing problems, then the simple conclusion is that the gemstone does not suit you. If gemstone works well, then you will notice an increase in your concentration power.

2. Sleeping Experience

How are you sleeping after wearing the gemstone? If your sleep is deeper and more pleasant than before and you don’t get any terrifying or bad dreams, then congratulations! It’s a sign that your gemstone is having a positive influence on you.

For this test, you can also keep the gemstone under your pillow for three consecutive days.

3. Observe Your Energy Level.

You will be more positive than before, after wearing the right gemstone which heals you from the inside. You will no longer be filled with negative energy. Remember, choosing the wrong one can have adverse effects.

4. Taking New Decisions

After wearing the gemstone, if you are making new plans for your future and implementing them with a positive attitude, then the stone is working well.

5. Observes Your Problems

If a constant obstruction in your life has been reduced after wearing the gemstone, then it’s a sign that it’s working good for you. If your problems are increasing, then it is not right.

6. Listen To Your Heart.

With the right gemstone, you will feel your surroundings being calmer and more relaxed as compared to before. Choosing the wrong one will make you feel stressed. In both conditions, the gemstone is working; you just have to feel whether gemstone is working or not and choose the right one for you.

(How To Test Gemstones?)

To test the gemstone, Keep the gemstone in your wallet or wrap it around your finger with the help of a cloth strip for three days. For better results, the cloth should be of the same color as your gemstone. This means that if the stone is blue, then the cloth should also be blue.

If you are not comfortable tying it to your finger, you can also stick it near your heart with medical tape. Some people suggest a one-day experience test for this, but here we recommend a three-day consecutive test.


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