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Astrology Consultation

Get a quick answer to your problems with a phone Astrology Consultation. Doesn’t it sound fantastic? We have the most reputed astrologers who will guide you in choosing stones as well as how to wear them in the proper way. You may now find solutions to your long-standing problems from astrological professionals.

On the phone, speaking with one of our skilled and qualified astrologers may assist you in resolving your life concerns and obtaining the most satisfactory answers that will favorably impact your life. We charge Rs. 500 for an online astrology consultation.


Our Astrologers

Our Astrology Consultation is only offered after a thorough examination of your birth chart, which is based on the time and place of your birth. Our predictions are based on the position and potency of the planets in your horoscope, as well as their impact on all aspects of life. We have a staff of astrologers, who are not just experienced, but also trained and educated specialists who endeavor to bring old wisdom into the modern world. As a result, our specialists cannot make any incorrect forecasts or solutions.

Our Astrology Consultation and Gemstone Recommendations are provided by the most competent Astro-gemologist who checks your rashi as well as other factors. We provide a one-of-a-kind and most effective astrological consulting service because we combine gemology with a substantial understanding of astrology. Get trustworthy guidance and expert advice through Gemadda. We always respect their beliefs and protect their personal information.

Know Your Future !

An astrology consultation and horoscope reading provide insight into a person’s past, present, and future, allowing them to plan for the future. Get the information you need and make the decisions that are important to you, such as lucky and unfavorable days, what to invest in, when to marry, what role to play, and when to expect your arrival.
Get detailed information, such as personal life predictions, love predictions, money predictions, personality reports, birth charts, and personal daily horoscopes. The horoscope also predicts your future outcomes based on your past actions.

Which stones should we wear?

Each planet in Vedic Astrology has one or more gemstones associated with it. Some planets are your friends (benefits) according to your horoscope, while others are not (malefic). Wear only the gems associated with your benefic planets; otherwise, they may do more harm than good.

Should we read our horoscope?

A horoscope reading can assist a person in a number of ways in resolving difficulties and making the correct decisions. A horoscope reading is a mirror of your life that provides you with a clear image of your present and future in a clear and crisp manner. The location of the planets and the time of their transit define the horoscope. Your birth chart and time may reveal a lot about you and perhaps predict your destiny. Always seek the advice of a qualified astrologer for this.

Horoscope Reading’s Advantages

  • Horoscope reading may assist you in spending wisely. It can help a person who is succeeding in their work and making the best financial decisions. 
  • If a person reads their horoscope daily, they can avoid bad things occurring to them. It allows him to choose each action carefully.
  • The most crucial advantage of horoscope reading is learning about one’s good days, colors, and months. 
  • It may instill a sense of trustworthiness and honesty in your life, allowing you to have a deeper understanding of your own life.