s Manik Stone - Origin, Price Factors, and Identification

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Manik Stone(Ruby)

The Manik Stone is the Stone Of The Sun. The Sun is the King of all planets, making it one of the principal Ratna. People often wore it on their right hand. There are tonnes of benefits to wearing it. It boosts your confidence and status and enhances your personality. It also teaches leadership qualities. Have a look at qualities here;


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Myanmar produces the majority of the highest grade manik. Its Burmese manik is quite famous worldwide among gemstone enthusiasts. Thailand and Sri Lanka are two primary places to look for it, having darker and lighter shades.

Price factors


It is the most significant aspect in determining the price. A pure red color is the best color. It should not be too red-black or too bright. It will have an impact of absolute brilliance. Even slight variations in quality can drastically alter the value of gem-grade materials.


A high-quality manik stone will be free of blemishes. That implies it won’t have any visible inclusions. Inclusions are microscopic threads, tiny droplets of metal, or fragments of other particles. These particles are inside the manik when it is formed. A manik stone with high clarity will have no apparent inclusions.


Hexagonal natural crystals can be cylindrical or elongated.

Carat Weight;

It is the most relevant factor in the price. The price per carat grows as the size of the manik increases.

Top 4 benefits

In Vedic Astrology, manik stone is associated with the Sun and can give significant outcomes in less time. Sun is the life-giver and cannot be denied. It is one of the most sacred gems with impeccable spiritual and metaphysical properties.

1. For Health

It is endowed with healing properties, as it is ruled by the Sun. Wearing it can bring tremendously excellent results. Thanks to its magical properties. It preserves health and rejuvenates energy in the wearer.

2. For Leadership & Inspiration

It teaches the wearer leadership qualities, boosts confidence, and gives courage to face life’s challenges bravely. Prosperity and greatness are the main attributes of manik stone. It inspires the wearer to do more in life and provides clarity and wisdom.

3. For Love & Compassion

Along with healing and leadership benefits, Manik is also worn for passion and love. It is best said to bring happiness to married couples and peace in their families and relationships.

4. It protects you from negativity.

A manik helps relieve depressive thoughts and aids the person to cope with the negativity around them. It keeps the wearer happy and motivated by creating a positive aura around them.

Identification Method

Natural, synthetic, and copy are the three sorts of Gemstones.


For millions of years, high heat and pressure have caused it to develop in the environment. We obtain these through the mining process. The corundum mineral family includes manik. The presence of Chrome during its creation gives it a red hue.


These are created in a laboratory by humans. They’re highly similar to the ones seen in nature. These aren’t technically phony, but they are artificial.


A copy of manik is a low-cost replica of both natural and synthetic manik.

Methods to detect whether a manik is real or fake

1. Consult a reputable gemstone dealer or a professional gemologist. Inquire about the stone’s certification with the vendor.

2. Scratch manik’s’s surface with a coin or any hard metal to check if any scratch areas appear. It’s a fake stone if it has stains or scratches on it.

3. Natural rubies are precious and costly. Synthetic is typically less expensive than genuine.

How To Wear Manik Stone?

Weight – Not less than 3 Ratti

Color – Bright medium to dark red is preferred.

Metal – Silver & Gold both can be used

Finger – The index finger of the right hand

Day & Time – Sunday (6 a.m. – 8 a.m.)

Chanting Mantra—Gayatri Mantra (108 times)