Gomed Stone Benefits

Gomed Stone (Hessonite Gernet) Benefits

Gomed stone is especially beneficial to ward off the evil effects of Rahu. Rahu is a shadow planet, not a part of the solar system, and has a malign aura. It has highly destructive powers and holds great significance in astrology.
People over the age of 25 can use this. As it is associated with Rahu, wear it only in certain conditions of the horoscope. So consult an astrologer before wearing it, as Rahu is malefic and disruptive. Some of the main benefits of Gomed gemstone are as follows

gomed stone hessonite garnet

1. Increase healing power

This gemstone has many medicinal properties. It is used to cure blood-related disorders such as boils, pimples, leprosy, allergies, etc. It is also used to cure diseases like asthma and cancer.

2. Karmic Benefits

Since ancient times, people have used this stone to get rid of the cycle of karma. The person who gets rid of the cycle of karma then moves towards spirituality. It is one of the most powerful spiritual gems.

3. Build communication power

This stone is especially beneficial for people whose work is related to speaking, like leaders, lawyers, teachers, etc. Public speakers wear it to win over crowds.

4. It protects against negativity

It is believed that the person wearing gomed is not affected by black magic or any other negative energy. It also aids in the fight against and defeat of enemies.


You can take gomed stone benefits only it it is natural. So before purchase always do gomed stone identification.

How to wear gomed stone?

Weight: 1/10th of the body weight in carats.
Color: Medium to dark red is preferred.
Metal: Silver
Finger—As suggested by an astrologer
Day & Time: Saturday Early Morning
Chanting Mantra: Om Rang Rahave Namaha (108 times)


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