Ruby Stone’s Benefits

The Ruby (also called Manik Stone) is associated with the sun and the sun is the giver of life and full of glory. It cannot be denied. Being associated with the sun, ruby gives speedy benefits. Some of its benefits are as follows.

1. For good health

As we have mentioned above, this gem is associated with the sun, which directly affects the eyes, bones, and heart of a person. It helps keep them all healthy.

2. For leadership and inspiration

Ruby is one such gemstone that helps in bringing out the hidden talents of the wearer. It boosts self-esteem and improves leadership abilities. It is very important to identify Ruby Gemstone to get benefits.

3. For the love

Ruby plays an important role in awakening the feeling of love in a person. Ruby has been used for a long time to enhance mutual relations.

4. It protects you from negativity

When a person wears Manik Ratna, that person feels a strange energy operating inside him, due to which he is saved from negative energy. It transmits positive energy inside a person.

How to wear

Weight – Not less than 3 Ratti
Color: bright, medium-dark red is preferred.
Metal: Both silver and gold can be used.
Finger: The index finger of the right hand
Day and Time: Sunday (6 a.m.–8 a.m.)
Chanting Mantra—Gayatri Mantra (108 times)



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