Iolite Stone (Kaka-neeli) Benefits

Iolite Stone (Kaka-neeli) Benefits


People who have the planet Saturn in a bad position in their birth chart, or who have Saturn’s sade sati, should wear Iolite stone(Kaka-neeli). Wearing this can reduce the evil effects of Shani to some extent. It is a lucky stone for Capricorn and Aquarius (Makar and Kumbh Rashi). Hence, these zodiac signs can wear this unique stone according to the specific Vedic norms. These are the Major benefits of iolite stone;

iolite kaakanili stone

1) Reduces weight and keeps you healthy

On a physical level, iolite may aid in the removal of toxins as well as fatty deposits in the body. If you want to lose weight, the Iolite stone is an excellent choice.

Along with this, it is commonly used to regulate digestion as well as to promote nail and hair growth. IOLITE strengthens the nerves, allowing you to tolerate pain and helping with numbness and paralysis.

2) For wealth

If you’re currently in debt and want to get out of it, iolite is a fantastic stone to have. The energies of the iolite may show you how to generate a consistent flow of money. This also helps you attract money by pointing you in the right direction.

3) Makes relationship better

In terms of love and relationships, the iolite may benefit you in healing old emotional wounds. It makes the hurt feelings go away and gets you started on the process of moving on.

4) Removes bad habits

One of Iolite stone benefits is that people who have bad habits, such as drinking alcohol or chewing tobacco, can use Iolite stones to help them break the habit.

(How to wear Iolite stone)

Weight: minimum 7-8 ratti
Color: Medium to dark is preferred (the stone must be transparent).
Metal: gold or silver
Finger: middle finger of the right hand (ladies, left hand)
Day and Time: Saturday (6 a.m.–8 a.m.)
Mantra: “Om Sham Shanishcharaye Namah” (1 mala)

(Physical properties or chemical composition)

The hardness of iolite lies between 7 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale. The chemical composition of iolite is magnesium iron aluminum cyclosilicate (Mg 2 Al 4 Si 5 O 18). It has a refractive index of 1.542–1.578 and a density of 2.58–2.66.


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