Onyx And Its Benefits

ONYX is a gemstone cherished for its elegant beauty and mystical qualities. It’s a type of chalcedony, which is a part of the quartz mineral family. It is found in various parts of the world, including Brazil, India, and Uruguay. The most common colour of onyx is black, but it also comes in other colours like white, brown, and even shades of blue and green. Sometimes, it displays bands of different hues, adding to its allure. The hardness of onyx ranks 7 on the Mohs scale, making it relatively durable and suitable for jewellery.

In the realm of beliefs, it is believed to have protective properties. It’s thought to absorb negative energy and provide stability and strength to the wearer. Astrologically, onyx is associated with the zodiac sign Leo. In Hindi, onyx is called ” (Sulemani). Many people wear onyx not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for the belief that it can bring positivity and balance into their lives. Whether you’re interested in its beauty or its metaphysical benefits, onyx stands as a unique and fascinating gemstone.

Benefits of Onyx

1. Protection and Emotional Healing

Black onyx is cherished for its protective abilities, against negativity and the malicious eye. It serves as a powerful emotional healer, aiding in the release of past wounds and fears.

2. For Confidence and Self-Assurance

Black onyx shines as a catalyst for bolstering self-confidence and nurturing self-assuredness. This gem’s profound influence extends to refining the decision-making process and cultivating an ethos of responsible empowerment.

3. Relationship Harmony and Conflict Resolution

Steeped in the wisdom of Vedic astrology, black onyx dons the mantle of a peacemaker. Its metaphysical essence is woven into the fabric of unity, fostering mutual understanding and a deeper emotional resonance. As onyx graces the wearer, communication flourishes, paving the way for profound bonds and shared growth.

4. Physical Healing and Well-being

Beneath the surface of its metaphysical allure, black onyx extends a gentle touch of physical well-being. Reverberating with potent energy, it fortifies the heart and kidneys, offering support in addressing complex bone marrow issues and nurturing ocular health. From sleep disruptions to intricate neurological concerns, onyx stands as a steadfast ally in the journey toward holistic healing, bolstering the body’s intricate defence mechanisms and vitality.

5. Spiritual Inspiration and Focus

Onyx is not only a protective stone but also a source of spiritual inspiration. By improving focus and concentration, It assists in achieving goals and maintaining a positive mindset. Its vibrations encourage self-mastery and personal growth.



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