How To Buy Gemstones

Often, people don’t know how to buy gemstones correctly, and after buying they regret that they didn’t buy the gem with the right decision. This is not an ordinary piece of jewelry or stones that you are going to purchase. Sometimes a lot of money is invested to buy them. So we are telling you a few things to help you, how to buy gemstones correctly

1. As per astrology, gems are more effective in their natural form. If it is not natural, it can have an adverse effect. So your gem should be fully natural.
2. Learn about the 4 C’s, which are clarity, color, cut, and lastly, carat weight.
3. The gemstone must be certified by a reputable gemological lab.
4. It is equally important to match the certificate with the gem that you have received after purchasing, like buying a certified stone.
5. Make sure the jewelry in which you have your gemstone is such that the gemstone touches your skin; otherwise, it will have no effect whatsoever.
6. It is good if an astrologer suggests you which day to buy the gemstone and which day and time to wear it. Sometimes after buying you find out that you didn’t buy your gemstone at the right time
7. Never forget to take a bill.
8. Check thoroughly that the gemstone you are going to buy should not be broken from anywhere, nor should it have any cracks.
9. By the way, it is usual for a gemstone to have a trap, black mark, or inclusion, but try if it does not happen, it is better.


Just as it is important to BUY GEMSTONES CORRECTLY, it is important that we buy them at the right price. So after all this, in the end, one thing comes that from where you can buy your gemstone at the right price? Let us tell you for your information that to check all these, according to your understanding, you will have to check the rate by visiting different shops or you can also check the rate of gems by visiting different websites online. Other than this, no other way is there for this.

If there is a shopkeeper whom you trust, then you can buy this gem from him also, it will save time and your trust will also be maintained.



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