Moonstone and its benefits

Moon Stone and its Benefits

Moonstone (Chandramani) is a special rock that’s linked to the moon’s energy. This energy is calm and soothing, like when you relax. It also helps you feel good and know things without really thinking. People have used this in jewelry and art for a long time. It comes in colors like white, blue, grey, pink, green, and black. They’re not too hard, like a 6 or 6.5 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. 

It found commenly Sri Lanka, India, and Australia. Moonstone is a type of special rock called orthoclase. It’s a part of feldspar mineral, which is common in the Earth’s outside layer. 

This gem comes in different colors. Blue moonstone is pretty with a clear blue color. The rainbow moonstone is creamy white with colors that shine like a rainbow. The green one is pale green and can look like a starburst. Pink moonstone is shiny and can look like a star or a cat’s eye. All of them are pretty and have their own unique magical benefits


1. Emotional wellbeing

Moonstone carries calming energy that helps balance and heal emotions. Placing Moonstone on the chin’s center balances emotions. It brings gentle feelings, happiness, and feminine energy. It boosts intuition, especially for women, revealing their inner power. It enhances feminine aspects in men and stimulates creativity through the right brain. Astrologically, Moonstone aligns emotions with cosmic influences.

2. It’s color power

Moonstones are white and this color represents purity, unity, and birth. White is about things we feel but can’t see, like spiritual stuff. It helps us learn and understand things we didn’t know about. Just like the moon helps us see at night, white moonstones help us see inside ourselves.

3. Physical Well-Being

Moonstone helps our body follow its natural rhythms and stay healthy. It’s great for girls because it helps with having babies and getting through tough times. It’s also good for kids and older people. It helps our skin, hair, and eyes stay nice. Moonstone can also help us sleep better and have good dreams. It makes our body use food better and gets rid of bad things in our body.

4. Gives spiritual energy

Moonstone is special in India and loved by gods and goddesses. It helps people believe in good things and not just stuff. People who want to be close to spiritual things like it. It helps you think about nice things and feel inspired. It’s like having good ideas and knowing what’s important. It helps you learn from the world around you.

5. Healing Power

Moonstone’s white energy connects with the top of our heads, like a special door to the universe. This energy is like a helpful friend that keeps us balanced and strong. It makes sure we understand the world and stay calm, even when things are hard. Moonstone also helps us get rid of bad feelings and keeps our bodies and emotions in balance.


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