Pitambari Neelam and its Benefits

Pitambari Neelam and its Benefits

Pitambari Neelambari is a special gemstone that comes in two colors, yellow and blue. Technically, it is called bi-color sapphire (yellow and blue). If blue is a staple in the stone, it is called neelambari stone, and if yellow is a staple in the stone, it is called pitambari stone. It’s a rare gemstone that belongs to the Corundum mineral family. The main source of this stone is shri-lanka, but it can also be found in places like Pakistan, India, Burma, and some other parts of the world.

It has special healing powers that are connected to Jupiter and Saturn. If someone wants to be more respected, have good health, and make more money, this is a great gem for them. Pitambari neelam benefits can improve life in many ways.


1. Reputation Boost

Pitambari neelam benefits to enhance your reputation. This gem is thought to attract positive energies that enhance one’s image and standing. Wearing it may positively influence how others perceive and respect you, contributing to an improved social reputation and interactions.

2. Wisdom Improvement

The benefit of pitambari neelam is linked to wisdom enhancement. This gem clears your thinking, improves decision-making, and promotes intellectual growth. Wearing it may help you make wiser choices, leading to more informed and thoughtful actions in various aspects of life.

3. Financial Growth

This gem attracts prosperity and stability, favoring your economic well-being. Using Pitambari Neelam can contribute to financial growth. This gem is thought to attract good luck with money matters. Wearing it might help improve your financial situation. It’s like a lucky charm for your wallet!

4. Self-confidence boost

When you use Pitambari Neelam in astrology, it can give you the BENEFIT of boosting your self-confidence. This special gem makes you feel sure about yourself. It might help you believe in your abilities and feel more confident in facing challenges, leading to a stronger and more positive self-image.

5. Disease Prevention

Pitambari Neelam has the benefit of disease prevention. This gem is thought to have protective powers that can act like a shield, helping to keep you healthy and preventing health problems, contributing to a better and more active life.


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